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5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her in 2024: One of a Kind Presents

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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So you want to show her you care but you’re all outta ideas? We’ve got your back.

Here’s a quick summary of our five favorite Valentine’s gifts for her, each one tailored toward a different kind of gal. Keep reading for a detailed look at each one, as well as the three things you should consider before you whip out your wallet.

Ok, boys. Last year, you remembered the flowers but forgot the card.

The year before that, you thought there’d be plenty of open tables—man, were you wrong.

Oh, wait. You didn’t do any of those things.

I did those things.

Yeah, you’re a true gentleman—you wouldn’t forget that kind of stuff. In fact, you’re a man who thinks ahead, and that’s why you’re here. I envy you.

Maybe I haven’t always been the biggest believer in Valentine’s Day, but you know what? It doesn’t matter what I think.

It matters what she thinks.

And this year, I did my research—I didn’t want to get the same-old, same-old. Now, I’m not saying there’s any problem with the standard chocolate and flowers.

But what should you do if you want to push this Valentine’s Day over the top?

Come check out our five favorite one-of-a-kind gifts to get her this V-Day.

The 5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts in 2023

1. Matching Underwear

Who’s it for? The “besties” couple.

It’s time to take your relationship to the matching underwear level. If you both like to have fun and don’t mind lounging together in your skimpies.

What We Like

  • You get your favorite undies, and she can get hers, too. There are so many styles, prints, sizes, and color options.

  • Make it a one time gift or you can make it a monthly thing with the MeUndies subscription.

  • They use micro-modal blend fabric which is incredibly soft.

  • Free shipping and returns in the US.

What We Don’t Like

  • They may not have the print you like in the cut or style of underwear you’re looking for. You may need to play around a bit to get the print you’re looking for.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers on Trustpilot give MeUndies a four-out-of-five rating. Customers enjoy the unique and fun patterns, plus the subscription model means you’re always getting new styles to wear.

The Verdict

What better way to bond than wear matching underwear? It’s a great gift for her (and pretty sexy, too), plus you get a nice pair of undies yourself.

And matching skimpies isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, either. Get the recurring subscription and match up more often. Though we recommend not asking her too much about which underwear she’s wearing today—that can get weird quick.

So if you’re ready to ditch boring Valentine’s gifts and branch out with something original, visit MeUndies and see what colors and patterns you and your bae have in store.

MeUndies Matching Underwear

You get an awesome gift for your girl, a laugh, and a little something for you as well. What's not to like? Oh, and they're super comfortable too, if that helps.

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2. Flowers Every Month

Who’s it for? The girl who says she doesn’t want anything special.

A bouquet is a great gift. A bouquet every month, though? Now we’re talking boyfriend or husband of the year material. Take an ordinary gift and make it something truly out of this world.

What We Like

  • We use Enjoy Flowers—you can choose whether you’d like two deliveries a month, or just one.

  • A “Classic” subscription has all the top-standard flowers like roses, etc. The “Farm Fresh” has more unusual flowers. You can choose one or the other depending on her personality.

  • If you know her favorite flower, you can let Enjoy Flowers know and they’ll build your bouquet around that flower.

  • Free shipping.

What We Don’t Like

  • It takes about five days to arrive, so get on it.

What Other Reviewers Say

Enjoy Flowers got a 4.3-star average with over 150 reviews on Trustpilot. People who were on the receiving end of a flower subscription has some things to say.

Here are just a few snippets of reviews we checked out:

“Literally the best present I’ve ever received.”


“Always fresh and beautiful.”

How can you beat ALL CAPS excitement?

The Verdict

Flowers are always a safe bet.

By signing her up for a subscription, you’re not just giving a single bouquet. Don’t get us wrong—a single bouquet is a fantastic gift. But giving a new bouquet every month?

Now that’s a gift.

Enjoy Flowers Subscription

Boyfriend/husband of the year candidates, step right up.

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3. A New Watch

Who’s it for? The fashionista.

If your girl has a penchant for style, a sleek-looking watch might just be the perfect gift.

Vincero is a safe bet—they offer a decent range of timeless women’s watch styles, all under $200.

You can also pick up on the matching vibes by picking up a watch for yourself while you’re at it. We’re big fans of the brand’s men’s watches (we’ve reviewed over five of them) so we can speak for their quality.

What We Like

  • Three different styles available.

  • Beautifully crafted gold, silver, and rose gold watches.

  • Excellent value for money.

What We Don’t Like

  • It would be nice to see at least a sapphire coating on the Eros mineral crystal glass.

What Other Reviewers Say

Vincero got their start in men’s watches, and they have thousands and thousands of happy reviews in that space. We have no reason to think their women’s watches are made with any less integrity.

The Verdict

A functional piece of jewelry like a watch is an excellent gift. As many women know (and guys, you should know, too) having the perfect accessory can make or break an outfit.

So even if she doesn’t wear your gift every day, when she does, it will shine.

If she’s the stylish type, she’ll appreciate a fashion-forward Vincero.

Vincero Women's Watches
(Get 20% off with code TAM20)

Offering excellent value for money, and the same commitment to quality, Vincero's women's range of watches has impressed us as much as their men's line.

Shop Vincero

4. A Keyfinder

Who’s it for? The forgetful one.

If she spends at least a portion of her morning looking for her keys or purse, a keyfinder might be the perfect solution.

What We Like

  • We like Tile—you can get a four-pack of key-finding stickers for everything she forgets—keys, wallet, purse, cell-phone. You name it, you can put a Tile on it.

  • If you have extras, you can use them for yourself, too. No more fights over who put the keys where.

  • The Tile also acts as a phone-finder.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s not the most romantic gift. But understanding someone on the level where you get them exactly what they need is pretty hot. Even if it’s because they forget their keys every freakin’ morning.

What Other Reviewers Say

We tried Tile for ourselves and loved that the Mate didn’t just act as a key finder. If you lose your phone, you can just double-tap your Tile and give it a ring—it works even in silent mode.

Tile has thousands of reviews, and each of their products has at least a 4/5-star average. For some, a five-star review isn’t enough. How can you put a star-rating on finding a lost pet? How can you rate the experience of recovering your wallet?

The Verdict

If she needs something that relieves the stress of misplacing her keys, or can help her find her phone—all on the cheap—Tile is a great solution.

Using the Tile app unlocks the power of their two-million member lost-and-found community.

So why not use Valentine’s day as a time to give her something she really needs—not just more chocolate or those weird heart-candies.

Tile - Stop Losing Things

Attach Tile stickers an finders to your favorite stuff and use the Tile app to track them down.

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5. A Professionally Painted Portrait

paint your life pet painting dog on blue background

Who’s it for? The sentimental gal.

Our go-to, PaintYourLife, does professionally painted portraits from any picture you send. They can have it ready for you in as little as 12 days. Choose from acrylic, oil, watercolor and more.

What We Like

  • Send them any picture and they’ll make a lifelike portrait of it. The paintings are high quality. Our editor got one made for his girlfriend of their Belgian-Malinois dog (pictured) and she absolutely loved it.

  • You can have it delivered in a variety of frames.

  • PYL also does excellent work with pet portraits, so if you want to commemorate a dog, cat, or hedgehog, send it right over.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not great for last-minute gift buyers. It takes at least 12 days, but longer than that if you choose oil paintings or anything on a large scale.

What Other Reviewers Say

PaintYourLife has some of the best reviews I’ve ever seen on Trustpilot. So many reviewers mention their gift brought them to tears of joy. And about half of the 1-star reviews were from happy customers who accidentally pressed 1-star instead of 5-star.

Their customer service is amazing. If for any reason something goes wrong (like the parcel service mishandles the painting) PaintYourLife goes far above and beyond to correct the issue.

Over 3,200 reviews give them a 4.9 out of 5. That’s top-notch.

The Verdict

A personalized portrait shows you were thinking ahead of time and that you see a future for the both of you.

That’s one of the reasons we like this gift so much.

But you can also play it however you like. You can go full-Romeo and get a painting of the two of you together. Or go with a painting of her favorite pet, the whole family, an old house she has great memories in—really anything you know is important to her. PaintYourLife will memorialize it beautifully.

Paint Your Life Personalized Portrait

Paint Your Life did a great job at transforming one of my favorite photos of my girlfriend and I into a hand-painted portrait. My advice? Take your time choosing the right photo, art medium, and frame, and don’t be afraid to ask for modifications from your artist. If you do, you’ll wind up with a gorgeous portrait your girlfriend, wife, or anyone in your life will love.

Check Price Read Our Review

3 Things to Consider When Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. How close are you?

If you’ve been dating for two weeks, maybe don’t get a pair of matching underwear or a year’s worth of flowers.

There’s no need to go over the top if your relationship is just getting started. You may feel you’re ready to memorialize your relationship with a 6’x8’ oil painting of the two of you, but slow your roll.

Instead, for those in the “budding-romance” stage, stick with something simple and classic like a bouquet.

But if the two of you have a little more time under your belt, that’s when we recommend thinking outside the box.

Matching underwear is a fun gift—it’s unusual, and it naturally leads the conversation toward, “want to see me in my new underwear?” It’s like you watched Inception and applied it to Valentine’s day.

2. Is it original?

Chocolate? Again?

Chocolate’s delicious, no doubt. And getting a small box is a great idea.

But it’s unremarkable—good at the moment, but forgettable.

That’s why we put together this list. You can’t forget matching underwear. A new bouquet every month? A fancy new watch? An oil painting of you two hanging in the living room? These are all things she’ll think of (and even see) every day.

3. Is it something you think is cool, or is it something she’ll really love?

One of the most profound things I’d ever heard about the art of giving gifts was this:

I saw a beautiful necklace I really liked, and I bought it for my wife. But it wasn’t really her style.

(Now this part may seem obvious to you, but I’d never heard it put this way, and it changed how I see giving gifts.)

When I gave it to her, I said “I saw this necklace, and I really liked it, so I got it for you.” She was thankful and pleased.

But later she said, “I appreciate the necklace, but I noticed you said that you really liked it. You didn’t say that you thought I’d like it.”

That blew my mind (yeah, I know, you’re sitting there saying dude, obviously).

So when you’re buying a gift, ask yourself: Is this something that she wants, needs, or would otherwise really enjoy? Or is this something I want or like?

Shooting Cupid’s Arrow

We’re supposed to show our love on Valentine’s day, so what better way than to give her an unusual gift?

For an unforgettable present that you can both enjoy with your clothes off, check out MeUndies.

MeUndies Matching Underwear

You get an awesome gift for your girl, a laugh, and a little something for you as well. What's not to like? Oh, and they're super comfortable too, if that helps.

Check Price

If you want to give her a monthly reminder that she’s awesome, pick up a flower subscription.

If she’s more of a fashionista, a watch from Vincero is perfect. If she spends more time trying to find where her keys are than getting ready, Tile is a must.

Or if you’re looking for a gift that plays her heartstrings, PaintYourLife can make a personal portrait—but make sure you plan for that one ahead of time.

So get going, Casanova, and make this Valentine’s Day special.