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What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather: 11 Timeless Fall Outfits for Men

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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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Key Takeaways

Layering is your best friend in 60 degree weather. Build on lighter layers, like a cotton t-shirt. Add a lightweight sweater, oxford shirt, light bomber jacket, or any waterproof fabric if it looks like it might rain. Jeans and chinos are a good bet on bottom, and you have a wide variety of shoe options, from loafers to boots.

It’s not warm. 

And it’s not quite cold.

It’s 60 degrees outside and you’re wondering what to wear. 

At that temp, the weather can turn either way, so you want to prepare for when the sun pops out and you want a little more color on your arms, but you don’t want to be caught off-guard if a chilly wind comes through (even better if you have a jacket on hand for the lady). 

This guide will show you exactly what to wear in 60 degree weather, so take stock of your closet and let’s get started. 

My Favorite Outfits for 60 Degree Weather

Layering is always a good idea in 60 degree weather. It’s a delicate temperature—if a wind picks up, suddenly it’s cold outside. But when the sun comes out, you can start sweating up a storm. 

My go-to outfits usually start with a t-shirt underneath. But another great option is a button-up shirt that looks nice with the sleeves rolled. If it warms up, just cuff your shirt and let those wrists breath. When a breeze comes through, you have the option to lower them for more protection. 

These are four of my favorite outfits for 60 degree weather:

T-Shirt, Oxford Shirt, and Jeans

model in black oxford and blue tshirt on red fall leaves

I wear this ensemble more than anything else when the temperature dips down and leaves start falling. There are endless amounts of color-combos you can choose when pairing up your t-shirt and Oxford button-down. 

L'Estrange London The All Day Oxford

Crafted from a loose weave premium Italian oxford 2% stretch cloth, thiis one of the softest Oxfords we've got our Adult Man hands on in recent years. It's hem and slightly relaxed color makes it versatile enough to dress up or down with ease.

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Go with the season: fall lends itself well to the warm end of the color-spectrum, with burgundy, oranges, and yellows being the obvious contenders.

You might not like the way warmer colors pair with your skin—no worries, brown and black are also excellent choices in the cold months. 

But this combo isn’t only for fall and winter—early spring can be just as fickle, and a good quality Oxford shirt adds more warmth than you’d think.

The outfit above features a t-shirt and Oxford from Frank And Oak (read our review of their Style Plan here), and some raw denim jeans from Mott + Bow

Mott & Bow Oliver

Mott & Bow are our go-to for slim fit jeans in the sub $150 category. The sturdy 13oz denim of the Oliver, paired with its slim profile, makes for a clean and comfortable design that feels like it should be much more expensive than it really is.

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Oxford Shirt and Chinos

Frank and Oak oxford shirt tucked into Rhone chinos

Pair that same oxford shirt with chinos for a casual, work-wear inspired outfit. I like to keep the top buttons undone and the sleeves rolled to keep the look relaxed. 

Maybe your office dress code doesn’t allow for that extra bit of skin. The key to making this outfit look clean is getting the right fit on both pieces. 

Both the Oxford and chinos above are slim-fit. This helps reduce the amount of fabric, which means less billowing. The Oxford is a more casual choice than a dress shirt, but you can still throw a blazer on top: wool is a good look for fall/winter, while cotton and linen are best reserved for spring/summer. 

Collars & Co. CEO Classic Pocket Chinos

Name me a more versatile pant. I shall wait. I always say every man should own a pair of khaki chinos and these are usually my go-to recommendation. They're from Collars & Co, so they're well made and hold up well---but I also like that they use 4-way stretch technology, it makes them noticeably more comfortable than non-stretch chinos.

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Henley and Bomber

model looking into sun with style plan by frank and oak outfit

Do you run a little cold?

A henley and bomber is a suitable outfit for a casual night on the town as you’ll stay warm for hours after the sun sets. 

Henley’s are an excellent alternative to the standard t-shirt—especially if they have woven-in texture. I’m wearing an Everlane Waffle-Knit Henley and the buttons add a more intrigue than a long sleeve shirt would otherwise. 

Everlane Waffle Knit Henley

With bulky arms and a slim fit torso, this henley is more stylized than most. It makes for an excellent layer for fall and winter.

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The jacket is the Skyline Bomber from Frank And Oak, and it’s a powerhouse. Because it’s reversible, you can wear it two ways: one minimalist look, and one quilted look. 

model wearing green skyline quilted bomber jacket from frank and oak style plan

The quilted pattern does well in the cool months: extra texture is always welcome in fall and winter. And the more minimalist side is a go-to for chilly spring days. 

Chore Jacket and Chinos (or Jeans)

model wearing grey chinos and black ace marks troy chelsea boots with green shirt

A good chore jacket is a wonderful thing. These thick-gauge, heavy-cotton shirts do the trick when the weather isn’t leaning one way or another. 

Think of the chore jacket (a.k.a shacket) as the Oxford’s heavy, rugged cousin. So long as you keep the chore jacket untucked, you can style it all the same ways you would an Oxford. 

Try it open over a t-shirt like you see above, or buttoned up with a pair of jeans

It lends a utilitarian/military edge to your style, which you can play up with a pair of service boots or tone down with a pair of dressier Chelsea boots

Ace Marks Troy Chelsea Boot

The Ace Marks Troy Chelsea Boot is made with premium Italian calf-skin leather and a Blake stitched construction. It's lightweight, creamy-smooth, and has a stunning profile.

Check Price How We Style It
Everlane Chore Jacket

Thicker than a shirt, thinner than a jacket: the Chore Jacket has plenty of masculine structure and comes in an easy-to-match variety of colors.

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Rhone Commuter Pants

The Commuter Pants take chinos to a new level. We haven't found another pair of technical fabric chinos that does so well looking like standard cotton slacks but still retaining the extra comfort and mobility of other tech-forward pants.

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Best Shoes for 60 Degree Weather

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots outfit 11

If you ask me, Chelsea boots are always an excellent choice. But since a lot of guys ditch their boots for sneakers and flip-flops in the height of summer, 60 degree days are the perfect opportunity to dust them off.

A Chelsea boot is extremely versatile and works in every season. They’re my go-to footwear because even the most casual jeans and t-shirt outfit looks elevated and refined when you put on a pair of slick Chelseas. 

Bridlen Dark Snuff Suede Chelsea

A snuff suede Chelsea is a sophisticated add to any well-rounded man's closet, and if you want to get it right the first time then you can do a lot worse than Bridlen. What I love about these is they have a unique elastic closure system which means you can get in and out of them more easily than other Chelseas.

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Service Boots

thursday captain on train tracks 1

Want more of a rugged look? While rain boots might serve you for functionality, service boots are a must in every guy’s wardrobe, in my opinion. While I think Chelsea boots are still an option in the height of summer, service boots are a different beast. 

They’re typically made with thick leather, which isn’t the greatest for breathability. Plus, they’re often a lot heavier because they’re built for durability.

I recommend picking up a Goodyear welted service boot—this not only helps with water resistance for the rainy months, but they’re easy to care for and resole. A pair of Goodyear welted boots like these Thursday Captains will last a decade if properly cared for. 

Thursday Boot Company Captain

The Thursday Boots Captain is an excellent deal. The leather is similar to Horween's Chromexcel, so it has a subtle shine and plenty of rugged durability. When (if?) these ever wear out, I’ll be picking them up again.

Check Price


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A post shared by The Sartorial Finn || Johan W. (@sartorial_finn) on

Loafers are a natural fit for summer—they’re lightweight and they’re one of the few shoes you can wear without socks. 

But when the “embers” come along (September, October, November) loafers can take on a whole new personality. 

Fall weather calls for suede, so if you have a pair of textured suede loafers, now’s the time to bust them out. Combine that with a pair of classic socks for a classy, refined look. Match the socks to your trousers—not to your loafers. Look for simple stripe or polka-dot patterns and skip the “funny” socks altogether. 

MYRQVIST Stenhammar Loafer in Dark Brown Calf

We've found MYRQVIST to consistently offer great value for money with their Portuguese handcrafted dress shoes and the Stenhammar loafer is no exception. They'll effortlessly elevate your business casual or dinner date outfit. Consider ordering half a size up.

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everlane tread 5

What if you’re just heading outside for a few errands and don’t want to don a blazer and your most baller loafers? That makes sense to me. 

Grab a pair of sneaks—they’re perfect for when you want to throw something on and head out the door. 

I avoid anything with huge branding all over it. If you’re a sneaker-head, you probably feel differently than I do, but I err toward a more timeless look. 

If you and I share the same style sentiment, I recommend leather sneakers—even better if they have some suede texture to them. 

A few of my favorite sneaker brands are Oliver Cabell and GREATS: they each make top-quality minimalist sneakers a la Common Projects but at a much more reasonable price. 

Oliver Cabell Low 1 - White

The Low 1 is Oliver Cabell's most popular shoe, and once you have it in your hands you'll know why. Made in Italy from full grain calfskin Italian leather, it boasts a handsome low-profile silhouette and punches well above its weight for its price point.

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7 More Stylish Outfit Ideas for 60 Degree Weather

1. Bomber and Hoodie Combo

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If you run cold, or if you’re staying out later in the evening, doubling up on light jackets is a safe choice. 

Bombers and hoodies pair well together and have a relaxed, street-wear vibe. Choose a monochromatic pairing like the photo above, or try a contrast like black and white. 

2. Puffer Jacket and Chunky Sneakers

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This outfit is quick and easy to throw together—not to mention comfortable. Again, it’s another casual look, and if you have a good quality puffer jacket, you don’t need to do much styling. 

Puffer jackets are an excellent choice for the in-between seasons because they look crisp paired with a t-shirt, and they layer well underneath heavier coats. 

3. Blazer and Denim

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A blazer and denim is a classic high/low pairing that looks good year round. Play with the colors or textures of your shirt to match the season. If it’s fall, deep burgundy, forest green, and khaki are excellent choices. You can also wear corduroy or chambray to add a texture boost. 

4. Turtleneck and Jacket

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This is another choice for the guys who run cold. You might not wear it often, but a cream or black turtleneck is a boss move. Pair it under a sport coat or leather jacket for a polished style that turns heads. 

The key in this outfit is to match the dress-level of your jacket and shoes. The picture above matches a sport coat with Oxford shoes, but you can just as easily don more rugged moc-toe boots with a leather or waxed canvas jacket here, too. 

5. Cardigan and T-Shirt

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Cardigans are back on the table when the temperature drops below 70. These light sweaters are a simple way to inject some texture and variance to your wardrobe. 

Luca Faloni Camel Beige Pure Cashmere Zip-up

Perfect for business casual looks with chinos and a shirt, or for your free time paired with jeans. Given the insulating property of cashmere, you can wear it from autumn to spring.

Check Price

Try an oversized piece like the picture above for more of a streetwear vibe, or choose a more form fitting cardigan if you’re into the classics. 

6. Suede Leather Jacket

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If you have a suede leather jacket, look for any excuse to wear it. Seriously, go put it on right now.

Suede leather jackets might seem specialized, but they’re really more versatile than you’d think. Above, the piece is paired two ways: with a hoodie and a turtleneck, but you can just throw a t-shirt underneath and call it a day. 

7. Quilted Vest and Long Sleeve

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While a long sleeve t-shirt might do the trick keeping you warm, it’s boring on its own. But layer on a vest and you’ve got yourself a smart, sophisticated look. A wool newsboy hat puts the style on a different level, especially for fall and winter. 

One of the best things about this outfit is that it’s also a nice base for when things get colder. When winter hits and temps drop below freezing, throw on a heavy coat and you’ll be cozy and dapper. 

Check Your Weather App

Take a quick look around your closet—how many of these outfits can you recreate? If you can nail all 11, you’re in even better wardrobe shape than I.

If your wardrobe is looking sparse, I recommend checking out Style Plan by Frank And Oak. When I gave the personal styling service a try, I ended up with some timeless items that have quickly become my 60-degree go-to’s. 

Style Plan by Frank And Oak

Part personal stylist, part shopping at your favorite store: Style Plan by Frank And Oak crafts a box of personalized suggestions you can get regularly as a subscription. You have veto power over what you get, so you spend as much as you'd like, and unlock deep discounts you couldn't get otherwise.

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Just picking up a few basics, like a well-fitting t-shirt, Oxford button-down, and a bomber, will help you mix and match through the fall, winter, and early spring. 

For more ideas on what to wear in 60 degree weather, check out our Instagram @theadultman. We regularly post new outfits year-round so you can see how we transition from the fall to winter, winter to spring, and how we sweat through everything in the summer. 

See you there.


What should I pack for 60 degree weather?

If you bring a backpack with you, planning for temperature changes is easy. Just bring a lightweight coat like a quilted bomber with you. If the wind picks up and you get cold, just bring the jacket out and you’ll be plenty warm enough. And if the sun comes out, just stuff the jacket back in the bag.

Is 60 degrees cold enough for a jacket?

60 degrees is perfect weather for a light coat. We don’t recommend wearing your arctic parka, but bombers, denim jackets, and chore jackets all have a perfect balance for 60 degree weather.

Can you wear sandals in 60 degree weather?

We don’t recommend wearing sandals in 60 degree weather. Now’s the time to bust out your collection of boots—keep the sandals in summer where they belong.