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How to Make a Girl Laugh: 10 Surefire Methods Proven by Comedians

Joshua Sigafus

Dating, Relationships

Joshua has 15 years of writing experience within the complex territories of dating, masculinity, and relationships. His own personal life journey was kick-started by a pivotal marital breakdown of his own and led him down a path of self-discovery and masculine transformation, culminating in him developing a career as a men's dating coach. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Mar 6, 2023
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Key Takeaways

To make a woman laugh, use your authentic personality, coupled with your natural wit, teasing, funny jokes, funny stories, and other kinds of absurd, over-the-top, or ‘edgy’ comedic communication to tickle her funny bone and engage her sense of humor—preferably in-person, but you can also do it via text or phone.

If you read or listen to enough dating advice, you’ll eventually run into this tip. 

Make her laugh. 

This is such a universal piece of dating advice that it’s almost a cliche. 

You’ll find it in almost every list of tips for how to flirt with women, generate romance, and increase your attraction. 

But is making a woman laugh really as important as people say it is?

Here are the facts. 

I’m here to tell you, not just from my own dating experience (which has been very successful), but also from my experiences as a dating coach, that this advice is 100% true. 

Yes. If you can make a woman laugh, you’ll generate a ton of attraction. 

It may not be enough to get her to fall in love with you, but it’ll definitely increase your chances.

But why?

And perhaps even more importantly—how?

How do you actually succeed at making women laugh?

I used to struggle with this a bit, actually. I’ve always been naturally funny when completely relaxed. But my issue with women was that I often didn’t get relaxed until we were very close. 

But guess what? 

By the time we got close, I was usually already in the friendzone. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn some tips, tricks, and advice for how to actually make a woman laugh, right from the beginning. 

I’m going to share my own personal tips with you. But we’re also going to cover some lessons that you can learn from the ‘greats’—men in the public eye who are so good at flirting and making women laugh that it almost seems like a superpower.

But first, we need to dig into the ‘why’ behind the ‘how.’ 

Why Is It So Important to Make Her Laugh?

Marilyn Monroe Quote

Women undoubtedly prefer mates who have a good sense of humor.

More specifically, women prefer mates who are adept at ‘humor production’ (the ability to tell funny jokes and make witty remarks). 

But why? 

According to David M. Buss, a world renowned professor of psychology, and pioneer in the fields of evolutionary psychology and human mating behavior, there are two theories that help to explain why women are turned on by men who can make them laugh. 

These theories are that:

  1. Humor is a commitment signal, signalling a man’s intent to maintain a mating relationship
  2. Humor is an indicator of good genes, and a fitness indicator to display excellent cognitive function

As he says in his book The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating:

According to Geoffrey Miller’s fitness signaling hypothesis, humor is one among an array of uniquely human abilities that convey genetic quality to a potential mate. e

There’s no doubt that humor is important. 

And now you know the basics of why. 

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Now, let’s dive into some specific ways that you can use humor to improve your odds of dating success with women. 

How to Make Girls Laugh: 10 Proven Ways

1. Teasing

Mystery Quote

Teasing can take many forms, and is essentially the process of pointing to something about a woman and drawing either an absurd conclusion based on it, or playfully making fun of something she’s doing, saying, or representing. 

The thing to remember about teasing is that you don’t want it to come off as mean or serious. But you do need to create a little bit of sexual tension and take a few risks. You also need to make the girl feel something. 

And proper teasing can really help with this. 

There are many different forms of teasing. You can:

  1. Take things she’s saying out of context
  2. Make absurd judgements based on things she says
  3. Fixate on something that mildly irritates her
  4. Give her a nickname or a pet name
  5. Pretend like you know a secret about her

… or really use any number of other techniques that you can come up with. 

But regardless of exactly how you tease her, remember that the end goal is to make her laugh, not to make her self-conscious or to cause her to feel bad about herself. 

What’s the Trick?

The trick to successfully making a woman laugh through teasing is to keep it light-hearted, positive, and obviously comical. But you also need to be brave enough to enter semi-risky territory. 

The above video, by YouTuber Jack ManleyTV, gives some interesting insight into teasing women. But he actually also slips some pretty sly teasing into the interactions as well, which is both ironic and insightful. 

2. Witty Remarks

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‘Wit’ is the ability to say things that either link two unrelated things together, or to otherwise draw some kind of clever connection or distinction between two or more otherwise unrelated things. 

Her: Oh, don’t be so shallow. 

Me: Excuse me, but I’m no lackluster swimming pool. I’ll have you know that I’m a thinking, feeling, breathing human being, and I enjoy swimming in the deep end. Besides, I don’t know what ‘pools’ have to do with this conversation. We were talking about attractive women here… 

The thing about wit is that it needs to be spontaneous and creative. You can’t really ‘learn it’ in a textbook. It’s not like a math problem. 

To be witty, you need to be able to think on your feet in an abstract and/or out-of-the-box fashion. 

What’s the Trick?

If you want to get really good at being witty, try watching some stand-up comedy. Personally, I find Bo Burnham to be the master of quick wit. 

You can also take some improv classes to help you get better at thinking of witty comments quickly and on-the-spot. 

3. Funny Pop Culture References

Vince Lombardi Quote

Being able to reference popular culture tells a woman something about how ‘in the know’ you are about the world that we all live in. 

But when you combine it with humor, and manage to make her laugh while using those pop culture references—well, that takes it to a whole different level. 

And it can work wonders. 

The thing about pop culture humor, though, is that it all depends on you being familiar with references that the woman you’re flirting with will also recognize. 

For this reason, pop culture references only really work in selective situations. 

You may also need to take some risks when using it, especially if you skew toward religious, cultural, or political topics, stereotypes, or tropes. 

The benefit to tapping into these controversial areas, however, is that the payout can be huge. 

What’s the Trick?

The trick with pop culture references is to test the water gently at first, and then to delve a bit deeper and take bigger risks as you assess what type of person she is. 

Going deep for a dark pop-culture hail-mary that blends in elements of both politics and religion may pay off big-time, but it could also earn you a dead-pan stare or risk seriously offending the woman you’re trying to flirt with. 

Check out the video below by Indian comedian Vir Das, who’s accustomed to taking big risks in some of these sensitive areas with his comedy, and getting mixed results that are sometimes shocking, but usually always incredibly hilarious.

4. Humorous Voice Inflection

Voice inflection can be described as the variation of your voice (tones, pace, pitch, modulation, and intonation) as you speak—and some people are really good at manipulating it for comedic effect. 

Humorous voice inflection is the art of manipulating your voice to be humorous, larger than life, entertaining, or even just downright ridiculous or absurd. 

There’s just something really funny about people who are good at sprinkling unexpected voice inflections into their jokes and wit, especially if they’re really good at making the inflections seem relatable. 

What’s the Trick?

Random voice inflections can be really funny. But there’s also a risk of them falling flat. Or worse, they can actually make you look really awkward if they aren’t done well. 

The trick is to make them relatable to your audience (in this case, the woman you’re trying to hit on). 

I think that Jerry Seinfeld is actually a master of using voice inflections to successfully enhance his comedy. 

The above clip in particular gives you an example of how he uses dramatic ups, downs, timing, and even mimicry to make his delivery that much more entertaining and memorable. 

5. Calling Out the Absurdity – Be It Real or Imagined

Calling out the obvious or the absurd in comedic fashion is a surefire way to make a woman laugh when it’s done well. And it doesn’t even really matter if the ‘absurd thing’ you’re calling out is real or imagined. 

The idea here is that you push the boundaries of ‘normal conversation’ by taking something over the top, calling her out on something that she obviously didn’t mean by taking it out of context, or even taking a response that should be ‘normal’ and hyping it up to make it over the top. 

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this kind of humor is to make it blend seamlessly into the conversation at the proper time. If the timing is wrong, it can really fall flat, and actually come across as awkward and embarrassing. 

Conan O’Brien is really good at flirting with women and taking it to absurd levels. 

In the above clip, he has an over-the-top reaction to Beth Behrs accidentally touching Kat Dennings’ boob (he basically takes what was actually an accident, and hypes it up to be something that was never meant to be so hyped).  

You can also see him work his ‘absurd flirting magic’ above, where he takes Evangeline Lilly ‘liking’ Andy Richter’s earlobe more than his to seriously absurd and hilarious levels. 

6. The Art of Comedic Storytelling

Telling funny, over-the-top stories is an awesome way to inspire laughs.

This is actually one of my favorite ways to flirt with women. I also think that it’s one of the easiest ways to provoke humor without taking a huge risk. 


Because if you tell an interesting story and it ends up not being funny, you at least still told a story. But if you can elicit a giggle or two during the affair—well, all the better!

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this one, first of all, is to tell an interesting story that has the potential to be funny. So, proper story selection is really the first part.

For example, one of my favorite stories to tell is a true story about taking a girl to a graveyard to makeout, only to have her throw up from getting too drunk, and then having an armadillo literally walk right up to us and square up with her, inches away from her face while she was still vomiting on the ground. 

Next, the key is to sprinkle your own brand of humor into the storytelling. You could take things to absurd levels, draw obvious/funny conclusions, mimic the characters, or even roleplay/reenact part of it. 

I think that Theo Von is one of the best storytellers out there. 

The above bit where he tells a story about being on steroids and joining a cult is one of my favorites. His delivery is so confident and riddled with humorous undertones/absurdness that the host can’t even keep the jokes straight from the facts. 

7. Be Unpredictable

Being unpredictable really strikes at the heart of what comedy is. 

At the core, we laugh at things because they’re just close enough to ‘normal’ to be relatable, but also just ‘at the edge’ enough to strike us as being completely unexpected.

This type of humor is actually called surreal humor. It’s a type of humor that is, according to Wikipedia, “predicated on deliberate violations of causal reasoning, producing events and behaviours that are obviously illogical.”  

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this is to be unpredictable in ways that’ll strike a humorous chord with your audience. If unpredictable things are done out of context, they can sometimes fall flat, and may even make you look socially awkward or unintelligent. 

When delivered intelligently, though, being unpredictable will always keep the lady on her toes. 

Russel Brand is a perfect example of someone who masterfully uses the ‘unexpected’ for comedic value. 

In the clip above, he behaves so unpredictably that talk show host Jimmy Fallon literally has to scramble to keep things on track, all while Katharine McPhee is obviously quite entertained by his erratic, unabashed wit and flirting. 

8. Start Every Conversation Off With Humor

Craig Ferguson (the CBS late-night talk show host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 2005-2014) is a legendary flirt, well-known for his ability to successfully engage-with and hold his own with some of the most beautiful, high-profile women in the world. 

And this is one of his signature moves. 

Most people fall into the habit of starting conversations off with a dry, dull kind of energy, and then wait for the opportunity to inject humor into it. 

But Craig Ferguson has mastered the antidote to this mistake. He starts off nearly every single conversation thread with light-hearted, positive, upbeat humor. 

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this one is to be super mindful of how you start out every single conversation thread. This is important not just at the beginning of a conversation, but also every time you change subjects. 

This sets the encounter up to be more fun, and also sets up your jokes to be funnier when you drop them. 

The above clip, where Craig Ferguson interviews Tina Fey, is a perfect example of how he masterfully starts off every new conversation thread on a high, super-positive, high-energy note. 

It really brings out the humor in the conversation, and sets just an overall hilarious tone.

9. Call Out Cliches in a Comical Fashion

Robert Jordan Quote

This is another one of Craig Ferguson’s signature comedy moves that never fails to make women laugh. 

The premise is simple: 

When you’re talking to a woman and you hear her use a stereotype, call it out in an over-the-top, semi-ridiculous fashion. 

First off, this let’s her know that you’re teasing and not actually trying to be a jerk. 

Secondly, the over-the-top energy, when delivered in a positive or comical fashion, is in itself fuel for comedy—and can be a very powerful method for making her laugh on its own. 

When combined, these two things are a sure-fire method to elicit some giggles, and maybe a bit of sexual chemistry as well. 

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this method is to time it well, and to make sure that you’re over-the-top enough that she won’t mistake your ‘call-out’ as an actual call-out, but will realize that it’s actually a joke. 

Watch the example below to see Craig Ferguson tease Leslie Bibb about being a ‘cliche’ as a female actress with a gluten allergy. His call-out is perfect. He gets a riled-up response from her, but manages to do so in a funny way that isn’t actually mean or rude. 

10. Make Absurd or over the Top Physical Expressions

Once again, we’re going to look at Craig Ferguson as an absolute genius at this. 

This style of humor basically utilizes the ‘over the top’ movement of the arms, legs, body, face, and/or anything else to emphasize a comedic point. 

It’s especially useful when used in conjunction with other types of comedy. 

The risk with this one is that not everyone is ‘athletic’ or ‘smooth’ enough to pull it off. 

But if you’ve got the moves, this can be an awesome method for eliciting some laughs from the lovely ladies on your radar. 

What’s the Trick?

Making absurd or over the top physical expressions can be very unpredictable and funny. And the more ‘relatable’ they are, the better they’ll land. 

But the real trick, as with most types of humor, is in the timing and context. Weaving it into your conversation seamlessly and out of nowhere can really provoke some laughs and land a truly comedic tone. 

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In the above clip, for example, Craig Ferguson demonstrates this by stroking his chin in an over-the-top manner while interviewing Sandra Bullock. It lands especially well, because he’s also teasing her a bit at the same time.  

How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text: 4 Examples

To make a girl laugh over text, you need to look for ways to either tease, use wit, include funny pop culture references, tell comedic stories, or be otherwise unpredictable. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have access to your voice or body language over text. So you’ll have to rely purely on wordplay. 

Here are some examples of situations where I’ve made women laugh via text message. 

Example 1: Dark Humor

In this text, I delved into a bit of ‘dark humor,’ and it turned out very well (judging by our interactions later on, both in text and in person). 

Text Example 1

Example #2: Give Her a Hard Time

This is basically teasing, but through text. In this text, I teased a lady about what she was drinking. It turned out really well. I’ve actually had a couple of different ‘flings’ with this particular lady, so apparently my strategy is working with her. 

Text Example 2

Example #3: Flirt/Sexually Escalate in a Teasing, Comedic Manner

Now, you need to be careful with these types of jokes. If you don’t plan them well, you can come off looking like a horny school boy. But when timed well, and when she starts it (or if you’ve already been intimate), these types of jokes can actually be really funny.

This text conversation took place between myself and a woman I had a fling with for a few weeks. She was talking about looking for a new job, and I did a bit of flirting when she mentioned that she could always just ‘be a stripper.’

We had a date planned for Friday, hence my ‘Friday’ reference in the text.  

Text Example 3

Just to clarify, she actually did show me those stripper moves, high key. So this one was another success. 

Example #4: Add onto Her Jokes and Take Them a Little Bit Further

This type of joke plays off of her attempts at humor, and does two really good things. 

  1. It makes her feel like you thought her jokes were funny, which is good
  2. It’ll make her laugh because the joke is now a shared inside joke that both of you relate to, and that increases its value

In this particular example, a woman I was seeing was venting to me about how judgemental some men can be towards her ‘non vanilla’ sexual preferences. She poked fun at it, and I carried on the joke. 

Text Example 4

Once again, it may be important to point out that this one was also a success. We got very kinky on our next date. 

How to Make a Girl Laugh on the Phone

Making a girl laugh on the phone is almost the opposite of making her laugh via text. 

As in real life, you still get to use voice inflection, tonality, mimicry, and a host of other vocalizations. 

But also similarly to text, you don’t get body language, physical expression, the ability to make faces to drive your point across, etc. 

So the key to making a girl laugh on the phone is to double down on vocalization.

Comedic wit, stories, mimicry, telling jokes, and making sure to hype-up your voice inflections are generally the best ways to do it. 

Just think of the 10 steps we described above, but remove the physical and visual elements from them. The rest is what you have to work with. 

Pro tip: Keep things brief on the phone. Be aware of the natural energy levels of the conversation, and be ready to end the conversation at or near the ‘energy peak.’ 

You don’t want to ramp up the excitement, peak, come down from that peak, and then end the conversation. 

You want to end it somewhere very close to the energy peak, to leave her wanting more. 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Laugh: Is it Any Different?

Making your long term wife or girlfriend laugh is very similar to making any woman laugh, except that you actually have a lot more material at your disposal to work with. 

It’s a lot easier, in my experience, to make your long term girlfriend laugh because the two of you will have:

  • Inside jokes
  • A lot of life experience overlap
  • Culture reference overlap
  • Similar tastes, interests, and maybe even political/religious views on certain topics

These factors create an environment that’s ripe for laughter, fun, positivity, and comedy—but also gives you license to take greater risks with your comedy. Just make sure to continue to apply effort to make her laugh.

A lot of men stop putting in the effort in a long term relationship—but it’s important to continue to be the funny, laughter-inducing man she was first attracted to. 

She needs that. 

And it’s totally worth it. 


There you have it. 

10 tried and tested ways to make a girl laugh. 

But of course, always remember—the key to attraction isn’t just to make women laugh. 

The be-all, end-all key is this:

To level up every day, to become the best man you can possibly be

Always strive to be the best man in the room, and you won’t ever struggle to get beautiful women to notice you.

Go with grace, my friends, and never give up your power. 


Will making a girl laugh make her more attracted to you?

Making a girl laugh won’t guarantee that she’ll be attracted to you. But it’ll certainly help.

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Of course, you need to do a few other things correctly as well.

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How do you make a cute girl laugh?

Making a cute girl laugh involves using different types of wit, humor, comedy, voice inflection, and comedic mannerisms to tell funny jokes, stories, or one-liners in an attempt to ‘tickle’ her funny bone and strike a humor chord within her.

But here’s the thing:

You need to be on your game with cute girls, because handsome, good-looking men are constantly hitting on them and trying to make them laugh.

Therefore, the competition is high.

Use the 10 steps listed above to help you prove that you’re funnier (and more attractive) than the rest of your competition.