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Joshua Sigafus Dating Coach & Writer

Joshua has been covering men's dating and relationships topics for The Adult Man since 2020 and frequently draws on his own journey of self-rediscovery at the age of 30 following his divorce. As a successful dating coach and The Adult Man Dating & Masculinity Transformation System course creator, Joshua's goal is to make every man the champion of his own life.
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69 Interesting Things to Talk About With Your Crush

Read this and you’ll never do small talk or awkward silences again. These are my top 69 things to talk about with your crush that’ll ignite a connection.

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Do Girls Like Shy Guys? How to Win in Dating as a Quiet Guy

I know a thing or two about trying to talk to women as a shy guy. Come learn the pros and cons of being a quiet guy and what you should do to have more success.

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19 Signs She Is Pretending to Love You: Don’t Ignore These

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I Broke Up With My Girlfriend: What Now? 9 Honest Steps

Breakups are always tough, but they happen. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what to do after breaking up with your girlfriend.

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61 Best Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend That Will Bring You Closer

So many guys ask me, “What should I talk about with my girlfriend?”. This list will give you the ammo to bring you two closer via hours of quality conversation.

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27 Double Date Ideas That Don’t Suck From a Dating Coach

Couple friends can be super fun. For double date ideas that won’t make you want to pull your eyes out, check these out. You’ll be the lord of your crew.

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Moving in With Your Girlfriend: How Soon Is Too Soon?

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Why Is She Ghosting Me? What to Do When a Girl Ghosts You

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How to Text a Girl: 35 Texts That Will Make Her Want You

Want to learn how to text a girl you like? Learn these key texting rules and examples and take your text game from zero to oh-boy-she-wants-you hero.

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7 Signs You Have a Clingy Girlfriend and What to Do About It

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12 Second Date Ideas That Don’t Suck from a Dating Coach

Tired of those boring second dates that don’t seem to go anywhere? These 12 second date ideas direct from a dating coach will skyrocket your dating success.

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Does She Love Me? 26 Dependable Signs a Girl Loves You

As a man, the greatest thing you could ever receive from a woman is her full-fledged love, affection, and desire. Come learn the signs that a girl loves you.