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Joshua Sigafus Dating Coach & Writer

Joshua has been covering men's dating and relationships topics for The Adult Man since 2020 and frequently draws on his own journey of self-rediscovery at the age of 30 following his divorce. As a successful dating coach and The Adult Man Dating & Masculinity Transformation System course creator, Joshua's goal is to make every man the champion of his own life.
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12 Biggest Red Flags in Women That All Men Should Look Out For

Learn exactly how to spot the most crucial red flags in a girl to help protect yourself from harm while allowing you to enjoy a masculine dating life.

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How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 19 Signs from a Man’s Perspective

Does he love me? Here’s the man’s perspective. These are the 19 signs to look for to figure out if he actually loves you—or if he doesn’t really see a future.

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Relationship Hero Review: My Thoughts After a Session

Check out our hands-on Relationship Hero review where we took a real session to find out how effective it can be in helping you with your relationship problems.

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107 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Suck from a Dating Coach

C’mon. Don’t just do another Netflix night. Here are the best date night ideas for your next evening out (or in) with the special someone in your life.

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11 Best Books on Persuasion and Influence That Every Guy Should Read

Your network is your net worth. Check out our round-up of the best books on persuasion and influence that will improve your outcomes as you engage with people.

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How to Be More Dominant in a Relationship as a Man (The Right Way)

In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn how to be more positively dominant in your relationships and to be the type of man she wants to be with.

Traits of a High Value Man Attractive Man in Suit Looking to the Distance

12 Traits of a High-Value Man and How You Can Become One Too

Learn the exact traits that allowed me to fix my life and turn things around in the wake of my bitter and destructive divorce and how they can help you too.

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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You Over Text: 13 Surefire Signs

All you have is your text conversation, so how do you know if she’s vibing with you? Learn how to tell if a girl likes you over text in our complete guide.

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How to Get a Girl to Like You: 23 Tips Every Guy Should Follow

You can become the man women like. These tips will show you how to get a girl to like you according to real human mating behavior science—no nonsense included.

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Why Do I Want a Girlfriend So Bad? 11 Likely Reasons and What to Do Next

Come learn the natural masculine truth for why you want a girlfriend so bad and learn what to do with that desire to help you land the girl of your dreams.

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How to Seduce a Woman into Bed the Right Way

The truth about seduction is that practice makes perfect. But proper techniques sure don’t hurt. Learn how to seduce a woman properly in this in-depth guide.

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How to Flirt With a Girl: 8 Tips That’ll Make You a Natural

Flirting is a skill like any other. But once mastered, your life will change. Check out this in-depth guide and learn how to flirt with girls the right way.