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107 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Suck from a Dating Coach

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Joshua Sigafus

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Joshua has 15 years of writing experience within the complex territories of dating, masculinity, and relationships. His own personal life journey was kick-started by a pivotal marital breakdown of his own and led him down a path of self-discovery and masculine transformation, culminating in him developing a career as a men's dating coach. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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Date Night Ideas Couple Ice Skating and Laughing

Back when I was a younger man, I used to misunderstand the whole point of dating.

I always tried to do too much

I always tried to make it super romantic—to the point where I actually gave off some pretty needy and clingy/desperate vibes.

The truth was that I was trying too hard at the wrong things—and this really had a negative impact on my dating life as a whole.

It took me a while to learn how to plan proper dates and avoid this problem.

Honestly, it all comes down to this. 

Scheduling a proper, successful date with your significant other just requires you to be proactive about planning something fun and engaging that’ll facilitate more conversation, deeper connection, and a few laughs along the way.

The goal is to do a fun activity together that’ll give you a chance to spend some very important ‘couple time’ together. 

Planning and scheduling awesome dates is part of your responsibility as a high-value man

But admittedly, figuring out the perfect date idea can be a challenge—especially if you’ve been together for a while and feel like the two of you have already ‘done it all.’

So in this blog post, we’re going to get right to the bottom of it by sharing 107 of the best date night ideas that you could plan for your next evening out (or in) with the special lady in your life.

Let’s dive into it. 

107 Best Date Night Ideas in 2023

planning dates

10 Fun Date Night Ideas

1. Enjoy a Fancy Dinner

This one’s a classic.

It’s her, you, and a classic fancy dinner date.

Honestly, it’s hard to mess this one up.

2. Go Out to a Movie

Everyone enjoys a good movie.

And enjoying a movie together at the cinema makes for an awesome and entertaining date idea—regardless of how long you’ve been seeing each other.

3. Catch a Live Show

Whether it’s a Broadway show, the theater, a play, or even a live improv show—there’s just something about live entertainment that really adds some extra energy to the date.

4. Attend a Sports Event

Not everyone is into sports.

But if you and/or your lady enjoy a good football, basketball, or baseball game, then this may be the perfect way to spend some high-quality time together.

5. Try a New Restaurant

Trying out new restaurants is not only a great way to spend some time together but also a great way to add a bit of adventure and exploration to your date night.

6. Go Bowling

I’ll be honest here—this is one of my favorites.

There’s nothing quite as fun as watching your cute girlfriend throw a bowling ball down the alley.

7. Attend a Live Comedy Show

Laughing is actually a potent aphrodisiac.

And there’s nothing like a live comedy show to really get that exciting, magical date energy flowing.

8. Ride Go Carts

Zoom around a track. Laugh together. Mess your hair up. It’s a great time. 

9. Go to a Magic Show

Personally, I love magic shows. 

Obviously magic isn’t real. 

But I love the ‘mystery’ and excitement that illusions and magic tricks bring to a date night. 

10. Go Metal Detector Hunting

Buy or rent a couple of metal detectors, head to the beach (or to any area that tends to see a lot of recreational activity), and see what you can find. 

7 At-Home Date Night Ideas

1. Cook a Meal Together

Cooking a meal together incorporates a bit of cooperation and self-discovery.

And this is a potent combination if you want to build connection and spark attraction.

2. Start a Show

One of the great things about our modern world is that every streaming platform has literally dozens (if not hundreds) of shows available for streaming.

Pick one out, settle in with some popcorn, and begin your own at-home TV show streaming adventure.

3. Host Your Own Private Wine Tasting

Do the two of you share a common love for fine wines and spirits?

If so, consider picking up a couple of bottles, settling in at home with a romantic r&b playlist playing in the background, and hosting your own intimate wine tasting.

4. Paint or Draw Together

If one (or both) of you are art buffs, then spending some time creating artwork together could be an invigorating opportunity to explore together and build a bit more connection into the relationship.

You can even take it to another level by painting on each other (body painting is super sexy). 

5. Watch Controversial/Viral YouTube Videos Together

Nowadays, it seems like there’s always a collection of controversial or viral videos making the rounds online.

Consider settling in together, watching some of the newest, trendiest, most viral videos making the rounds—and laughing at them or discussing them together.

6. Plan a Picnic in the Backyard

If you have a beautiful backyard, consider this:

All it takes is a nice blanket, a well-prepared basket of food, something refreshing to drink, and some great company (i.e. your significant other) to make this simple and easy date idea a reality.

7. Play Board Games

Sometimes, simple dates just work better.

And this date idea is a perfect example of that.

Cozy up together at home in front of the fireplace with a glass of scotch and your favorite board game.

This simple date idea is a tough one to beat.

5 Couples Date Night Ideas

put real effort into the date

1. Try Out a Local Brewery

Going out with another couple can be an awesome way to have some fun together while also building friendships with other people.

And trying out some local microbreweries can be a fantastic way to tap into this energy.

2. Attend a Local Trivia Night

Don’t get it twisted—trivia isn’t just for nerds.

I’ve been on some hot dates with some hot women for trivia night.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

3. Visit a Food Truck Park

If one or both of you are foodies, then visiting a food truck park can be a fun way to experience some different types of cuisine in a casual, low-stress environment.

This date idea also tends to fall on the inexpensive side of things, financially speaking.

4. Go Axe Throwing

Ax throwing bars, pubs, and lounges have been increasing in popularity over the past few years—and for good reason.

They’re a heck of a lot of fun.

5. Go to a Pool Hall

Playing pool on a date is a super underrated activity (in my opinion).

Personally, this is one of my favorites. We can talk a little smack, spend some quality time together, and hang out in a fun social atmosphere while partaking in a fun activity.

7 Late Night Date Ideas

planning an excellent date

1. Hit up a Dive Bar

When it comes to bars, dive bars tend to be some of my favorite places to hang out and chill with a date.

They’re open late, the drinks are affordable, the decor is usually dingy and mangy (or sometimes even downright horrendous), and they make for some awesome memories.

Highly recommended.

2. Grab a Bite to Eat at an All-Night Diner

If you’re on a serious calorie-restricting diet, and/or if a grease burger with cheese fries isn’t your preferred meal choice, then this option may not be for you.

But hey—there’s nothing like a bit of comfort food to give you a fantastic reason to hang out and talk late into the night.

3. Drive All Night and Watch the Sunrise

If your date night happens to fall before a day when the two of you don’t really have anything else going on, then you may as well take advantage of the late hour and drive somewhere beautiful to watch the sunrise.

4. Go Star Gazing

True story:

One of the very first times I ever made out with a girl was while the two of us were on a stargazing date.

And yes—that was absolutely my plan all along. 

5. Go for a Late Night Swim

This probably isn’t an ideal option if you live in a cold climate, if it’s winter, or if you live near water that’s infested with piranhas, snakes, or leeches.

(Cue that scene from Jaws)

But given the proper location, this can be a truly magical and romantic date idea.

6. Have a Spa Night at Home

Light some candles, put on some smooth jazz, burn some incense, take a nice hot bubble bath together, and take turns with the massage oil.

7. Make a Plan for Your Dream Vacation

Traveling is good not only for our levels of happiness in life but also for our mental health.

It could be said that couples who travel together tend to be happier together.

Well, if you love to travel but aren’t quite ready to launch off on your adventure yet, you can still tap into that rolling-stone excitement by planning your next big getaway in detail together.

9 Cheap Date Night Ideas

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1. Throw a Taco Night at Home

I don’t think I’ve ever met a truly high-value woman who wasn’t almost as crazy about tacos as I am.

And one of the best things about tacos is that you can make them at home rather affordably.

(Plus, you don’t necessarily have to be a world-class chef to make them taste fantastic).

2. Go Window Shopping

Sometimes, shopping isn’t necessarily about spending money or buying stuff.

Sometimes, it’s just about getting out of the house, having fun in exciting environments, and dreaming about the things you’d like to have someday.

And window shopping gives you a perfect opportunity to experience this kind of date with the woman you love.

3. Draft Plans for Your Dream House

Dreaming together about the future can be a great way to build more romance and connection in the relationship.

And in my experience, one of the best and most romantic things to plan for the future is what type of house you’d eventually like to be able to afford and live in.

Even better—brush up on your amateur drafting skills, and start drafting actual plans for the house you’d like to build or buy together someday.

4. Play Video Games Together

If you’re anything like me, you probably spent quite a bit of time as a kid playing video games in your room—hoping that one day, you’d have a hot, attractive girl sitting next to you, enjoying your virtual adventure with you.

Well, now that you’re grown up, you can actually make that dream a reality.

5. Do a Gourmet Dinner and a Movie – At Home

You may or may not be a professional chef.

But either way, it’s still fun to try your hand at a fancy gourmet dinner.

For best results, plan the meal together. You can even go together to the grocery store to stock up on the stuff you’ll need for the recipe.

6. Craft Some Delicious Ramen Noodles Together

A lot of people associate ramen noodles with a cheap and delicious dinner option because you can usually grab a couple of packages of these delicious delicacies at a very affordable price.

But you can also put just a little bit of extra effort into it to make it almost ‘gourmet style’ on its own.

Add an egg, some veggies, and a little bit of meat to really make your custom ramen noodle dish amazing.

7. Get Coffee and Take a Walk

Like I said before—sometimes, the simplest date ideas work the best.

And this is another perfect example of that.

I’ve probably been on hundreds of ‘coffee and walk’ dates at this point—and they never disappoint.

This date provides an opportunity to spend time together, reconnect, and engage in a little bit of exploration—all without crushing your budget or requiring you to jump through any fancy hoops.

At that point, the caffeine buzz is just an extra perk. 

8. Go on a $5 Date

You each get a $5 bill. You take off and head downtown together. Your goal is to find something to do for $5 that’ll constitute a fun date activity. 

With this date idea, the search is really the fun part. 

9. Go Skateboarding

For this date, all you need are a couple of skateboards and/or longboards, and some pavement that you can shred on. 

If you’re not a skating pro, you may want to pack kneepads. 

7 Romantic Date Night Ideas

1. Partake of a Steak Dinner with Wine

A steak dinner (with a side of fine wine) definitely spells ‘romance.’ It also says:

“You mean a lot to me, and I really want to spoil you tonight.” 

Pro tip: Buy her a classy little black dress and a pearl necklace, and tell her to wear them for you. 

2. Enjoy World Class Sushi

I’ve never yet met a woman who didn’t enjoy some world-class sushi. 

If you really want to impress her with a romantic night out, visit a fine-dining sushi restaurant near you.

Order some saki to go along with it, and enjoy. 

3. Attend a Concert

Live music can be romantic, exciting, high-energy, or even better—a mix of all three. 

Regardless of whether you’re seeing one of your favorite artists or checking out the local talent at a venue downtown—it’s bound to be a good time. 

4. Take a Beautiful Evening Stroll

You could take a walk around the block, head to the park, or even stroll down a country road (if you live outside of the city). 

This works a bit better in warm weather—but a short stroll in the winter isn’t a bad idea either (a walk in the snow can be magical). 

5. Spend a Day at the Beach

Take her to the beach and make a day of it. Pack your beach towels, some cold drinks, and some sandwiches. This one is tough to beat. 

One of the best things about going on a date to an art gallery is that it gives you something fun to do while also giving you some quiet alone time that you can use to talk, connect, and get to know each other better

7. Take a Hot Yoga Class Together

Hot yoga is romantic and invigorating for a number of reasons. You get to see each other get all sweaty, for one—but you’ll also get your blood (and your endorphins) pumping while also spending time together in a relaxed environment.

As a bonus, it’s also good for your health and wellness. 

9 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

1. Write Down Your Couple Goals Together

Every married couple should write down some shared goals. This will bring you closer together, but it’ll also help you to plan out your future. 

2. Get a Room Together

Sometimes, all it takes is a night away from home (and to engage in a bit of exploration/discovery) to rekindle the fires of passion. 

3. Go Dancing

If you’ve never gone dancing with your wife, you may want to consider giving it a try. 

At first, it’s a little bit intimidating. 

But once you get the hang of it, you’ll likely love it. 

4. Explore a New Part of the City

Engaging in some exploration and discovery together can really serve to re-ignite the fires of connection and passion that brought you together to begin with. 

5. Bake a Decadent Dessert Together

And once it’s done, you can take turns giving each other bites. 

6. Sign Up for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

This date idea is sure to get those ‘adventure’ feelings flowing again. 

7. Play Truth or Dare Together

Have you ever played truth or dare with your wife? If not, I highly suggest that you buy some wine, light the candles, and give it a try. 

8. Sign Up for a Combat Sport

Sign up for some boxing, karate, or jiu jitsu classes. Make them ‘sweaty date nights’ by getting coffee or tea afterward. Get in shape, get tougher, and grow closer together—all at the same time. 

9. Go to a Meetup Together

When you’re married, it’s still important to get out and make new friends. Consider downloading the Meetup app, picking out a local meetup, and giving it a try on your next date night. 

10 Unique Date Night Ideas

1. Visit a Petting Zoo

Every lady loves animals. And few things will warm a woman’s heart like petting some cute, furry friends. 

2. Try Out a Rock Climbing Gym

This date idea combines fitness with adventure (a winning combination). 

3. Take a Helicopter Ride

This date option may take some work to set up. But that’s also what makes it so meaningful. 

4. Sign Up for a Pottery Class

As a man, you may not be super thrilled about the idea of spinning blobs of clay and making bowls out of it. But this type of creative activity can really lead to some intimate bonding moments (and it’ll be sure to inspire some fond memories).

(Cue that scene from Ghost.) 

5. Attend a Fashion Show

If you’ve never taken your lady to a fashion show, this is definitely the type of event that’s sure to leave an impression. 

6. Go Sailing

I wouldn’t recommend that you try to take the lead on this one if you’ve never done it. But signing up for sailing classes together is a great place to start. 

7. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Find some fun scavenger hunt date lists online, and set out to complete them together. 

8. Visit Weird Shops

Every city has a few ‘weird shops’ to peruse and explore. Go on a janky adventure together and see what you find. 

9. Go Sky Diving

This idea isn’t for the faint of heart (literally). 

But it will create some excitement and get the blood (and the adrenaline) pumping through your veins. 

10. Go Geocaching

If you’re not sure what Geocaching is, go to Geocaching.com to learn. It’s basically like a local treasure hunt. It’s pretty cool. 

7 Free Date Night Ideas

1. Explore a Local Walking Trail

Walking together will provide some great opportunities for conversation and connection. It’ll also get you up and moving and is a great way to get back into nature. 

2. Perform Tarot Readings on Each Other

If you don’t have a tarot deck, order one or pick one up. Then, take turns doing readings. It’s fun and makes for great conversation

3. Visit a Local Museum

Museums offer a glimpse into the past while also offering you an awesome opportunity to bond with your date through conversation and some slow-paced time spent together.  

4. Volunteer Together

Volunteering for a great cause is good for the soul. But serving together can also boost attraction and give you a chance to bond with one another. 

5. Go to Free Open Houses

Even if you’re not technically looking for a new house right now, visiting beautiful open houses together can facilitate dreaming about the future while also providing a fun way to pass the time. 

6. Play Some Tennis or Basketball

You don’t have to get super competitive—but you don’t necessarily have to ‘let her win’ either. 

It’s fun, good for your health, and also gives you an awesome excuse to jump into the shower together afterward. 

7. Download a Karaoke App and Sing at Home

I’m not much of a singer. Hence, why karaoke dates generally end up being a lot of fun (with a lot of laughing and giggling involved). 

7 Indoor Date Night Ideas

1. Build Legos Together

Whoever told you that girls don’t like building things out of Legos probably doesn’t get many dates. Prove them wrong and build a castle (or a pirate ship, or a flying saucer) with your queen. 

2. Do a Puzzle

Puzzles are fun, quiet, and contemplative. Put on some smooth jazz and mix her a cocktail

3. Create Your Own At-Home Bar

Speaking of cocktails—if you want to take things to another level, set up your own at-home bar and mix some specialty drinks. 

4. Make Personal Pan Pizzas and Compare Recipes

Go to the grocery store together, and bake each other personal pan pizzas. Then, compare notes (and give each other bites). 

5. Read a Book Together

Do the two of you have a shared interest in reading or learning? Check out our best book list, choose a title, and settle in with some coffee for a night of reading, learning, and bonding. 

6. Play a Game of ‘Would You Rather’

This is a fun and silly game that can lead to a lot of laughs. You can also play it in a group together with friends. 

7. Take Personality Tests Together Online

Personally, my favorite personality test is the Myers-Briggs test. But you can also take an Enneagram test. It’s really interesting and can tell you a lot about each other. 

7 Simple and Easy Date Night Ideas

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1. Build a Backyard Bonfire

Then, share some great conversation (along with some smores). Don’t forget to grab a blanket (in case the temperature drops). 

2. Make Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Have you ever actually made a cup of gourmet hot cocoa? 

Regardless of the answer, it’s a fantastic (and tasty) date idea. 

3. Play Sexy Hide and Seek

Turn the lights out, peel down to your skivvies, and take turns finding each other. 

To up the ante, use a blindfold. 

4. Go Antique Hunting 

You may not want to fill your house with antique furniture. 

But looking at stuff and hanging out together is still a fun time. 

5. Go to the Zoo

Personally, I could spend hours watching the monkeys and gorillas. 

But this experience is always better with my lady at my side. 

6. Plan an At-Home Jukebox Party

Feeding dollar bills into the jukebox at the bar is fun. 

But is it better than hooking up your Bluetooth speaker and jamming out at home?

Probably not.

7. Bake Pies Together

Who doesn’t love pie?


So this one’s sure to be a slam dunk. 

7 Creative Date Night Ideas

1. Visit an Aquarium

There’s a big aquarium in my home town—and it’s amazing how peaceful and serene it is. 

It’s a perfect place for a fun afternoon pre-dinner date. 

2. Go Horseback Riding

If you’re a pro at horseback riding, this can be great fun. 

If not, you may want to sign up for lessons together first—just to get started. 

3. Try a Style of Cuisine You’ve Never Tried Before

Exploration and discovery are always best when paired with a tasty lunch or dinner.

4. Book a Bed and Breakfast

Get away from the ‘normal’ routine and spend a romantic evening away from home. 

5. Go Roller Skating Together

This is such an underrated date idea. I wish more people would try it. 

6. Get Some Work Done Together

If you’re both workaholics and have the ability to work from home, schedule a work night together. Work hard, play hard, and succeed as a couple. 

7. Feed Specialty Chocolates to Each Other 

Chocolate has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac

So specialty chocolate should definitely do the trick. 

8 Casual Date Night Ideas

1. Conduct a Home Renovation Project Together

Upgrading the cave is an awesome project to tackle together. So why not make a date out of it? 

2. Go Canoeing

This date is fun, gets you out into the great outdoors, and tests your compatibility as a couple. (No, really, it does). 

3. Take a Road Trip to Another City or Town

Exploring another city or town together can be a great way to embark on your own intimate adventure. 

Pack a minimalist overnight bag and hit the road. 

4. Play a Drinking Game to a Super Cheesy Movie

This date idea can provoke laughs (or expose the two of you to your slightly weird movie tastes). 

Need a movie idea? Check out this list

5. Research Your Family Tree

This can be a surprisingly interesting and fun date idea. Create an account on Ancestry.com and jump right into it. 

6. Go on a Bike Ride Together

You may not want to start out with a 20-mile ride. 

But who knows?

If you end up liking it, maybe you’ll work up to it. 

7. Visit Your Favorite Bookstore Together 

In-person bookstores are an underrated date destination, in my opinion. 

You can peruse the aisles while talking about literature and reconnecting with each other. 

8. Cook Breakfast for Dinner

You, your lovely lady, your waffle maker, and some bacon and eggs. 

Sounds like a recipe for deliciousness (and romance) if you ask me. 

7 Spontaneous Date Night Ideas

1. Go Apple Picking

Find a local farm that offers it, and make an appointment. 

You can do the same thing with pumpkin picking (or really with any other type of fruit or vegetable). 

2. Hit up the Arcade

Challenge her to a game of Space Invaders, and see who comes out on top (hopefully literally). 

3. Attend a Church Service Together

This date idea may not be for everyone. 

If the two of you are already devoutly religious and have a church that you attend regularly, then this idea may not interest you that much. 

Surprisingly, this date idea tends to work best for people who really aren’t religious. 

Attending a church service, and then talking about it over coffee afterward, can be a fun and interesting thing to do that can also teach you a little bit about each other. 

4. Attend a Burlesque Show Together 

On the heels of our suggestion to attend a church service together—you can balance it out the next time around by attending a burlesque show together. 

It’s a little fun and a little naughty at the same time (but not too naughty). Burlesque is actually a surprisingly classy art form (as long as you find the right type of show). 

5. Conduct a Private Photo Shoot 

Set up a backdrop and some lighting, and use your phone camera (or your real camera if you happen to be a photography buff) to take some great pictures of you together. 

It’s fun and silly (but it can also get a little bit naughty if the mood strikes). 

6. Go Zip Lining 

There’s nothing like a small dose of a ‘primal fear of heights’ to jolt some energy into the date. 

And ziplining is a pretty safe way to create this (in a controlled manner). 

Just make sure to choose a zipline with a five-star rating. 

You wouldn’t want a one-star experience on this date. 

7. Try Out an Escape Room 

Sometimes, solving problems together is a great way to build connection and intimacy. 

Escape rooms are awesome for couples or larger groups—so consider booking one for your next romantic evening together. 

Your Move, Captain

It’s important that we take responsibility (as men) for keeping our dates fresh, exciting, and fun. 

Women love to go on adventures with high-value men

So always keep working on yourself, and always keep your dates creative and interesting. 

You’ve got this. 

Go with grace, and never give up your power.


How do you keep date night interesting?

To keep your date nights interesting, you should make sure to plan creative, interesting date activities. 

But you should also make sure to keep engaging your date in conversation and connecting with her through good questions and lively banter. 

Make sure to escalate—and don’t be afraid to delve into flirtation and seduction, either. 

Remember—a high-value man creates his own opportunities for romance and makes it feel natural. 

So make sure to make your move when the timing is right (and not chicken out).

How often should you have date night with your girlfriend or wife?

If the two of you are busy with other areas of life (career, kids, family, social obligations, school, etc.) then you should still try to prioritize planning at least one date night per week. 

If this requires you to set a few things aside (or even to hire a babysitter), then do it. 

If your lives don’t tend to be very busy (i.e. if the two of you end up just sitting at home bored most evenings), then you should probably make sure to schedule at least two or more date nights per week. 

If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money, you could schedule one ‘night out’ where you pay for dinner, drinks, etc. And then, schedule one or two ‘at home’ date nights where you cook your own dinners, make your own drinks, and create your own fun. 

Maintaining a thriving, sexy, exciting, interesting dating life (and continuing to stay connected as a couple) is crucial to maintaining a healthy, happy, vital, long-lasting relationship.