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OPTIONS Texting Review: A Dating Coach’s Thoughts

Disclosure: We received courtesy access to the OPTIONS Texting System in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. Learn more.

Joshua Sigafus

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Joshua has 15 years of writing experience within the complex territories of dating, masculinity, and relationships. His own personal life journey was kick-started by a pivotal marital breakdown of his own and led him down a path of self-discovery and masculine transformation, culminating in him developing a career as a men's dating coach. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2024
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OPTIONS Texting Review Image of Course Box Next to Smiling Woman

There’s a brutal reality in today’s device oriented dating landscape. If your text game sucks, you’re going to get less dates. The good news is that texting women is a skill like any other. So no matter where you’re at right now, you can and will improve with the right knowledge.

A good texting course simply accelerates your learning timeline. I enrolled in the growingly popular OPTIONS Texting Course to find out if it lives up to the hype. Keep reading for my thoughts.    

Texting advice worth paying for
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Bottom line: I really liked the OPTIONS Texting Course. I disagreed with a couple of their viewpoints (and I point out what those are in this review). But the truth is, the vast majority of men who are struggling with dating would really benefit from taking this course. And honestly, it’s the best texting course I’ve ever taken.

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  • The material was actually really good. These gentlemen obviously know their stuff and have a lot of experience.
  • They delve deep into the concepts of ‘abundance’ and ‘scarcity,’ which I really love, and they do a great job of explaining how these mindset shifts matter when it comes to dating.
  • This course does a fantastic job of describing how ‘nice, needy’ guys tend to finish last. Honestly, this was one of my favorite aspects of the course, because I believe they nailed this—and it’s a crucial topic that needs to be understood if you truly want to experience dating success.
  • There is some content in this course that (in my opinion) verges on teaching men to ‘chase’ women. I fundamentally disagree with this. However, it should also be noted that ‘putting effort into the game’ is essential to success—and it’s entirely possible that, for me, the concept of doing that sometimes blurs the line with ‘chasing,’ so I admit that I may be a bit biased. Still, I didn’t see this as a deal breaker for the course. And honestly, they do a great job of covering the bases and even explaining this exact problem (the problem of chasing) as well.

As a younger man, I never used to be good at texting, online dating, or interacting with women via ‘digital communication.’ 

In fact—this whole aspect of dating used to be very foreign to me. 

But over the course of my experiences learning to date, I eventually came to the place where I wanted to win at this aspect of the game—and I’m pleased to say that I really applied myself to it, and became objectively ‘good’ at pulling women via online dating and texting. 

(In fact, I’m now engaged to be married—and I actually met my fiance on Bumble. So it’s fair to say that I’ve been pretty successful at it.)

So when I got the opportunity to take an in-depth look at OPTIONS, I was excited to do so. 

And boy, do I have a few things to say about it.

In this review, I’m going to give you the ‘in-depth and dirty’ version of what I think about this course—including the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Is it worth your hard-earned money? Will it teach you what you need to know?

These are really the most fundamental questions. And in this review, I’m going to spill the beans. 

Let’s dive into it. 


OPTIONS Texting is a system created by two men who, apparently, have a lot of experience texting women. 

And I don’t say this sarcastically. 

It’s obvious that these gentlemen have great game, that they know their craft, and that they have a tremendous amount of experience with women. 

And the fact that they provided so many awesome screenshots is really just another testament to their success. 

I may disagree with a few of the philosophical points of their game—but the results are undeniable. 

I believe that this course is 100% authentic—and I’ll even admit that I learned a few things while taking it. 

Yep, it’s good. In fact, it’ currently currently my top texting course pick in my roundup of the best dating courses for men.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling

Best Dating Books Young Man in Glasses Reading a Navy Book and Shocked at What Hes Reading

The first thing to consider is the question of who should enroll in this course. 

Personally, I would say that the most ideal candidates for this course are men who are struggling with online dating, and/or men who are struggling with being ghosted, friendzoned, or outright ignored by women on dating apps or via texting.

These men would be the most likely to benefit from the course. 

OPTIONS | Learn What to Text Girls In Every Situation
I really liked the OPTIONS Texting Course. I disagreed with a couple of their viewpoints (and I point out what those are in this review). But the truth is, the vast majority of men who are struggling with dating would really benefit from taking this course. And honestly, it’s the best texting course I’ve ever taken.
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I Enrolled: My Thoughts on the Course as a Dating Coach

Yes, I actually enrolled in this course and took it. 

And honestly, I’m glad I did. 

Here are my honest (and immediate) thoughts after consuming the material:

The Material

I took the initiative to jot down some real, raw thoughts while I was consuming the course material. 

Here they are: 

Abundance And Scarcity

The course creators got right to the topic of ‘abundance and scarcity’ quickly, which I liked. 

Right away, they talk about overcoming oneitis, and why it’s a better idea for men to ‘play the field.’ I agree with this concept, so this was great to see coming out of the gate. 

Needy Nice Guys

They also talk about how ‘needy nice guys’ finish last. And I loved seeing this right off the bat—because they were spot on with how they described this in the course.

Awesome Text Examples and Screenshots

OPTIONS Text Course - Text Sceen Shot

I loved the volume, quality, and spontaneity of the text examples. It’s clear that these guys have texted a lot of women. The examples alone are actually packed with value. 

Response Templates, Formulas, and Text Templates

OPTIONS Texting Course - Flirting Text Exampel

At times throughout the course, they also provide you with ‘response templates’ that give you ideas for how to respond to typical texts. 

OPTION Text Course Sample Texts

They also give you ‘formulas’ that you can reference to understand the techniques. These were also very useful. 

formula screenshot

OPTIONS also provides texting templates that you can use (for all kinds of situations) to help give you ideas for specific texts that you can send, and how to word those texts. 

OPTIONS Texting Course - Sample Text Template

They did a great job on these. I thought they were very well written and thought-out. 

Chasing Women?

How to make girls chase you attractive brunette girl smiling and

Another thing (this one is a bit of a negative) that I noticed is that it seemed to me like they sometimes almost seemed to ‘chase for the chase’s sake’ in the examples. 

In doing so, they actually tolerate some nonsense from some of these women that I would never tolerate. 

In some of the examples, I almost felt like the women were going beyond ‘value testing’ to actually being borderline disrespectful—and in my opinion, some of these conversations should have been flat-out ‘disengagements’ on the man’s end, simply due to the importance a man must place on his own value and how he draws boundaries with other people in the world. 

I guess in the end, the biggest difference between my texting philosophy and theirs is that my game is about prioritizing self respect, and I vet women out faster than they seem to. 

To learn more about why I believe this way (and my approach to dealing with women in general), you can check out these guides: 

Low Value Women?

Couple in bed on phones with guy suspicious of girl

Another thing to note is that, in my estimation, some of the women they were texting were obviously kind of low-value. 

This is not a diss. But at my stage in life, this is a turnoff. I’ve actually disengaged from women for acting like some of the women were acting in these text examples—and I say this based on the fact that some of the women they engaged with actually seemed like people who lived very chaotic and disorganized lives.

The point here is to say that if you want to take a course that will help you to get laid more often (and initiate those meetups through text), OPTIONS is a fantastic choice. But I wouldn’t necessarily treat this course as a philosophical masterclass in trying to find a wife and/or an honorable girlfriend or fiance. 

Finding (and vetting) a high value woman is a totally different skillset, and isn’t something that’s covered in this course. 

(Note that I have an entire chapter on this topic in my course The Relationship Success Formula. Pairing OPTIONS together with this course would definitely help to cover those bases and equip you to better weed out women who could be trouble.)

Once again, this isn’t necessarily a criticism—it’s just an observation. 

Making Her Laugh

Why Do I Want a Girlfriend so Badly Black Couple Content and Laughing

One really good thing about this course—they instigate a lot of humor, and they drop a lot of texts that leave girls guessing. 

Women don’t want to be bored. They want to feel alive—and a little bit of drama and nonsense really helps to accomplish that. In this course, these gentlemen give awesome examples of how to do this over and over again. 

OPTIONS | Learn What to Text Girls In Every Situation
I really liked the OPTIONS Texting Course. I disagreed with a couple of their viewpoints (and I point out what those are in this review). But the truth is, the vast majority of men who are struggling with dating would really benefit from taking this course. And honestly, it’s the best texting course I’ve ever taken.
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A ‘Mission First’ Mindset

In Chapter 12, the chapter titled ‘Mission First,’ they talk about sticking to your mission in life and not compromising on it. 

And I must say, I was very impressed with this chapter. I’ve talked about this in my own work at great length—and honestly, it’s super refreshing and awesome to see other men adopting a similar thought process. 

Not only is this thought process awesome for life success in-general—but women also instinctually pick up on it, because that’s what women evolved to desire. 

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Overcoming Male Sexual Shame

They also talk about male sexual shame—which is actually a really big issue, and they do a pretty good job of talking about it in Chapter 13 of the course. 

It’s Easy to Want to ‘Skip Ahead’

One thing I will say is that, in this course, seeing as how a lot of it is written text and screenshots of text messages, there’s a pretty strong temptation to skip ahead and not ‘fully engage’ in the course material. 

But I wouldn’t recommend doing this. 

There’s actual real gold and knowledge in each of these chapters. And if you really want to get good at your text game, you don’t want to skip ahead. 

Instead, pay attention to each word of every chapter, and actually soak up the knowledge. 

Listen—I’ve been with a lot of women. And I can tell you, from my experience and knowledge, that these gentlemen know what they’re talking about. 

Their list of ‘do’s and dont’s’ is just another example. It’s packed with gold. And yet, it’s super easy to miss if you skip ahead. 

the dos and donts of

Healthy, Confident Masculinity

Another thing I really liked about this course is that they encourage you to compliment women—but they teach you to do it in a manner that isn’t needy and beta. They actually do a great job of teaching you to balance that line—which is, admittedly, a tricky line to balance. 

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Is Text Game Tedious In General?

Here’s a note that I made to myself while going through the course, and I kept coming back to it and re-asking myself this question:

“I’ll be honest—I find a lot of this ‘messenger’ game tedious. I may not be a big fan of it. Should men really put this much effort into trying to text women?”

Gentlemen, I’ll be real with you. 

There’s an element to some of this tactical text game stuff that I start to feel verges on almost being ‘chasey’ by default. And for that reason, I’ve always embraced the following mindset:

“I’m going to level up to be high value. Then I’ll be myself and text women authentically. The ones who don’t show interest will get vetted out, and I’ll date the ones who show genuine interest. I’m not playing games.” 

In fact, if you want to read the majority of the stuff I believe is important to text game, check out these guides: 

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With that being said, I’ll also say this:

While I was watching/reading the content in the course, I reminded myself that embracing tactics isn’t a beta-mentality sign

Embracing tactics, and striving to be the best that you can be, is actually a high value masculine principle. 

So my answer to my previous question is:

“Yes, men should put this much effort into texting women if they want to level up and succeed at it. Amazing women are worth the work, and as men, the burden of performance rests on our shoulders.” 

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Now, let’s continue with the review: 

Light-Heartedness for the Win

How to make a girl laugh woman and man on a date and laughing

I loved the ‘light-heartedness’ of some of their text examples. Women love to laugh, so I was happy to see a lot of humorous examples in the course.

It’s important for us to remember that dating should be a fun, adventurous thing—not a stressful thing that makes us feel too ‘serious’ about it. 

Awesome Re-Openers

The ‘Re-Openers’ chapter is really good. In that chapter, they teach you how to do this bit about sharing news stories to ‘gain back’ some of the attention you may be missing in your text game—and actually, it’s super hilarious—and I really like it. 

OPTIONS Text Course Re-Opener Example

Engagement and Delivery

The course was delivered in the form of some introductory videos, followed by mostly screenshots, examples, templates, and text to go along with them which explained the strategies and how to use them to your advantage. 

The quality of the materials was very good (though I wasn’t always too keen on the color and style choices). 

It was a little ‘difficult’ to follow because there were times when it felt a bit tedious. 

But honestly, this isn’t a big problem. 

Remember that any worthwhile ‘self work’ feels like a slow-burn at times. 

The stoic and ‘masculine’ thing to do in such cases is to just apply your power of focus and get it done.

The Platform and Access

The platform is very user-friendly and intuitive. 

Logging into the course was easy. Once inside, I saw a variety of different courses and systems that I could upgrade to. But OPTIONS, the course I’d signed up for, was right at the top. It couldn’t have been easier. 

Once I opened up the course, I was immediately taken to the modules page. 

OPTIONS Text Course - Modules Dashboard

The modules were laid out as follows: 

  • Introduction – START HERE: Read this introduction and course overview first. DO NOT skip ahead.
  • Mindset Reset – Delete bad habits and upload a new way of thinking. This mindset reset will change your dating life forever.
  • Your New Texting Personality – Internalize the 9 personality traits of a man with options to become unapologetically badass at texting.
  • The Rules – Meet our two main characters: Rainy and Summer. How to engage them without breaking the do’s & don’ts of texting.
  • Flirting with Summer – Flirtation techniques to spice things up with Summer and get her gagging for a date.
  • Dealing with Rainy – Is she cold, making excuses or ghosting you? Overcome any obstacle and turn Rainy back into Summer.
  • First Texts to Sex – Navigate along the dating timeline from first texts to sex. Templates and formulas for every step of the way.
  • Bonuses – Your 5 bonuses, including: Tinder Surprise, Fuck The Friend-Zone and The Sex Date Routine.

Moving to the next chapter after completing the current one is as simple as pressing the ‘next’ button. 

I never felt lost or confused while taking the course. They did an awesome job with that part of it. 

Innovative Features

OPTIONS Texting Course Dashboard

I think the most innovative feature of this course is the ability to absorb it at your own pace.

There’s a lot of value in it, especially with all of the screenshots. 

And honestly, if you’re struggling with your dating game, it would be in your best interest to take your time and move through it at a pace that best fits with your own natural understanding of the content. 

And this course platform makes that process easy. 

OPTIONS Texting Alternatives

1. The Adult Man Dating & Masculinity Transformation System

Now, we may be a little bit biased here—but I designed The Adult Man Dating & Masculinity Transformation System from the ground up (based on my own tried-and-true life experiences and learned strategies) to help men crush their entire dating, masculinity, and relationship game—and it definitely covers texting as well. 

OPTIONS is awesome. But as a follow-up alternative, our course really covers all of the bases and does a great job of ticking all of the boxes—teaching the stuff you need to know to be the type of fully-actualized man who actually succeeds at dating and relationships across the board—including the often tricky avenues of texting and online dating. 

Want better results with women?
The Adult Man Dating & Masculinity Transformation System

This premium step-by-step system will teach you everything you need to know to attract the women you desire and keep them in your life. Across 13+ hours of engaging video lessons and 300+ pages of eBook content, renowned dating coach Joshua K. Sigafus will teach you the exact strategies that he and hundreds of his students have applied to achieve wildly positive results with women.

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2. ONLINE Dating Success For Men – by Kezia Noble

I came up reading Kezia Noble’s books and studying her pickup strategies—and I still stand by them today.

She’s a fantastic dating coach and really helps men get results with women—and while ONLINE Dating Success For Men is more specifically angled at online dating, there’s also a ton of awesome text game strategy in it as well, making it another possible alternative to OPTIONS that’s definitely worth considering. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The course material is well-structured, informative, and provides valuable insights into dating and text game.
  • The emphasis on concepts like ‘abundance’ and ‘scarcity’ in dating is commendable.
  • The inclusion of text examples, response templates, and formulas adds practical value.
  • Chapters addressing maintaining a sense of mission in life and overcoming male sexual shame are insightful.
  • The platform’s user-friendliness and accessibility enhance the learning experience.

What I Don’t Like

  • Some aspects of the course seem to encourage men to ‘chase’ women, which may not always completely align with a masculine-centric dating philosophy.
  • The course examples occasionally tolerate disrespectful behavior from women, which may not resonate with those prioritizing self-respect.
  • The suitability of the course for those seeking a long-term relationship with a high-value partner may be limited.


OPTIONS is best suited for individuals looking to improve their text game, initiate meetups, and enhance their dating skills. 

It’s also ideal for those who are struggling with online dating, dealing with being ghosted, friendzoned, or ignored by potential partners on dating apps or through texting.

The Verdict

If you want to enhance your text game, improve your dating success, and learn valuable strategies for initiating meetups, OPTIONS is an excellent choice. It provides practical guidance on text-based dating and offers valuable insights into the dating mindset. 

And embracing these tactics can help you navigate the dating world more effectively. While the course may not address finding a long-term, high-value partner, it excels in improving text game and initiating meetups.

The value offered for the cost is excellent, especially for those struggling with dating. Compared to other courses or resources of similar quality, “OPTIONS Texting Course” stands out as a valuable investment in improving your dating skills.

If you’re tired of ineffective texting and want to level up your dating game, this course is worth considering. It provides actionable advice and strategies that can make a real difference in your dating experiences.

My #1 Recommended Texting Course
OPTIONS | Learn What to Text Girls In Every Situation

Do you ever get 'stuck' on what to text a girl? Or do you often get ghosted or your text threads simply go nowhere? This course is packed with hundreds of proven, ready-to-send templates and will teach you everything you need to know to get the results you want from texting with any girl.

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