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221 Questions to Ask a Girl You Like That Will Intrigue Her

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Last Updated: Feb 2, 2024
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If you don’t know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.
W. Edwards Deming

No matter how outgoing or experienced you are with girls, everyone runs out of topics to talk about from time to time.

Asking the right questions can help you get to know her better, form a bond, lighten the mood, and even show her that you’re interested in her.

Curiosity, listening skills, and humor are all highly attractive qualities to women and you can show her all these traits with questions.

And if you’re feeling a little tongue-tied, these will help you cook up a fun, interesting conversation with any girl in your life.

Memorize just a few and you’ll see a massive improvement in the quality of your interactions with women.

21 Best Questions to Ask a Girl (The Go-To List)

10 Best Questions to Ask a Girl Infographic

If you’re going to memorize one list of questions, make it this one.

These are our tried and tested best questions to ask a girl.

1. What are you most passionate about right now?

Have you ever been chatting with someone and you mention something that makes their entire face light up with excitement?

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon a topic they’re passionate about. People love talking about their passions. If you’re the one who gets her talking about the things she’s most excited about, she’ll always associate those positive feelings with you.

And you don’t need me to tell you why that’s a good thing, right?

2. If you could go back five years, what would you change about your future?

I like this question because it lets you know how much she dwells on the past.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Søren Kierkegaard

3. Do you have any future travel plans?

This is a great question for two reasons:

  1. If you’re a guy who loves to travel, you’ll quickly understand how compatible you are in the globetrotter department; and
  2. You’ll know how to steer your future conversations with her. If you’re both well-traveled, you’ve instantly got a goldmine of topics to draw from. If she hasn’t traveled much, but she wants to, then you can be her very own international man of mystery. If she’s not a fan, then reconsider talking any further about travel.

4. Did you hear about [recent news event]? What do you think about it?

This question should be in your locker for any conversation you have, not just when speaking to girls.

It’s the perfect go-to if the conversation goes dry or if she’s shy. It also shows that you’re a guy who’s connected to the world, and you get to learn about what her stance is on certain topics.

This will either help you build a stronger connection or it’ll help you learn quickly that you’re not compatible (also a good thing, by the way).

5. What was the last crazy adventure you went on?

Want to know how much of a thrill-seeker she is? Ask this question.

The more adventurous she is, the more direct you can be in your conversation and the quicker you can escalate your relationship. On the flip side, if she’s more conservative, you’ll want to take things slower.

6. What’s your favorite time of year and why?

This helps you find common ground and brings you closer through understanding her better.

It also helps you weave in some playful teasing later if she complains about being hot or cold.

7. Is [what she’s focusing on now for school/work] what you want to do forever?

One word—ambition. If she’s content with her average 9-5 job, it’s probably best to cool it on the empire-building chat.

Conversely, if she has dreams of curing cancer, don’t expect her to be attracted to you if your ambitions don’t go beyond beating that next level in Halo.

8. What’s your biggest deal-breaker in a relationship?

Is her ultimate deal-breaker something you agree with? This question also raises the idea in her head about what it’d be like to be in a relationship with you.

I think this is a good time to mention this. The key to creating powerful connections with women is to attract them without faking behavior, lying, or pretending to be someone else.

In short, you need to stop acting like an attractive man and become one. To do this, you need to learn to be strong, honest and to set boundaries and enforce them with women.

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9. What was your favorite thing about where you grew up?

This is an excellent general question to build comfort with her.

If she’d like a family of her own someday, it could also give you some insight into what kind of place she’d like to raise it.

10. What would you do tomorrow if it were your last day on Earth?

This is a fun question. You’ll find out what’s at the very top of her bucket list.

Who knows, maybe you could be the guy that could make it happen for her?

11. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Building a connection with a woman includes getting to know her interests. And let’s be real, almost everyone watches movies.

I like to throw this one in as a lighter question to switch things up from a serious topic that’s run its course.

12. What are you most proud of?

The answer to this question will tell you what has been the most important moment in her life to date. This is a great time to share how you relate to it (if you can).

13. Do you have any secret talents?

The more things you can learn about her that others don’t know, the closer she’ll feel to you.

14. What’s your wildest fantasy?

Attractive woman flirting with attractive man in suit at dinner

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Albert Einstein

This is a great flirty question. It builds sexual tension and uncovers many fun roleplay scenarios for you to explore with her.

15. Is there something that you used to do that you loved, but you’ve now stopped doing?

I love asking people this question (yes, not even just girls) because you can relight the fire under someone’s interest or hobby that they may have forgotten about or let slip away.

Also, if she picks that thing up again, she’ll always remember you whenever she does it.

16. What were you like as a kid?

Was she a bookworm? Cheerleader? Total jerk?

Her answer can lead you in so many directions for a fun conversation. Would she have been your nemesis? Tease her about it.

17. What’s the most valuable thing in your life?

You’ll learn what she values most in the world. While you don’t want to judge her entire character based on one question, if it’s a physical item then you know she may be more materialistic than other girls.

If it’s her cat, then you know she’s a huge animal lover. You get the idea.

18. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

This one’s all about putting your double agent hat on. Her answer to this can help you guide the dates you plan with her.

Don’t literally plan the exact date she mentions the next time you hang out, as that’s way too obvious. But if she says a picnic in the park, maybe keep skydiving in your back pocket for now.

19. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I like this question for a few reasons:

  1. You’ll probably learn a new piece of advice that may prove valuable to your own life; and
  2. It gives you some insight into how thoughtful she is and how willing she is to open herself up to advice from others.

20. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Where you live plays a huge role in the life you lead. Her answer to this question will help you understand how happy she is with where she lives right now, as well as her ideal type of place to be.

Does it marry up with yours? Be sure to share your own. Talking about the future with a girl forces her to envisage you being in her future. Cool trick, right?

21. How do you think your closest friends would describe you?

This helps you get a feel for the role she plays in her closest friendship circle and her perception of her own personality.

You can use her answers as ammunition for plenty of playful teasing.

Hungry for more good questions?

You’ve got it.

Keep reading for 200+ more of the best questions to ask a girl, divided into categories for each different type of question.

20 Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Scientific studies have proven that fluid conversations create feelings of self-esteem, social validation, and belonging.

Interesting questions are a great way to create fluid conversations because they allow you to learn more about her perspective or personality. Through this, they invite further discussion.

That’s what makes them interesting!

Here are our go-to interesting questions to ask a girl.

  1. What’s the craziest or most out-of-character thing you’ve ever done?
  2. What’s your favorite thing about this city?
  3. What is your biggest “pet peeve”?
  4. If you could relive one day from the past, which would it be and why?
  5. If you could have any talent in the world, what would it be?
  6. If you could choose only one long-term goal, either to own a house or to travel the world, which would you choose?
  7. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re all alone?
  8. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
  9. What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?
  10. If you could take one book, one piece of clothing, and one food item to a desert island, what would they be?
  11. What’s on the top of your bucket list right now?
  12. What’s the last thing that had you so excited you couldn’t sleep?
  13. What would be your ‘Miss America’ platform?
  14. If you could invite ANY three people from history over for a dinner party, who would you invite and why?
  15. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
  16. At what age do you think a person needs to “grow up” and why?
  17. Where is the next place you would love to travel to?
  18. If you could tell yourself one thing 10 years ago, what would it be?
  19. What’s something that you’ve never done but always wanted to do?
  20. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

If you think you might not be an interesting guy, give this a watch:

15 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

Deep questions are personal. They build trust and make a girl feel closer to you.

Here are our favorite deep questions to ask a girl.

  1. What are the three principles you would want to pass along to your children?
  2. Would you describe yourself as a spiritual person? And if so, how does it shape your life?
  3. What’s been your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?
  4. Who’s been the biggest influence on your life and decisions?
  5. What motivates you the most?
  6. When you were little, what did you want to do when you “grow up”?
  7. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be?
  8. What gives you the most adrenaline?
  9. What’s a common thing that you think about when you’re alone?
  10. Would you like to have kids one day?
  11. How often do you see your good friends?
  12. If you could be a fly on any wall, which would it be and why?
  13. How important is family to you?
  14. What’s your worst habit?
  15. What kind of parent would you like to be?

10 Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Asking a girl personal questions allows you to get to know her on a level that many guys have never gotten to before.

Personal questions help you learn about her fundamental values, morals and help bring down walls that may block both of you from bonding.

Just remember not to make her feel judged when asking these types of questions.

  1. If you could pick a new first name, what would it be?
  2. Are you close with your family?
  3. What’s your biggest fear in life?
  4. What’s one crime you would commit if there were no consequences?
  5. Would you date a man who’s separated from his wife?
  6. Have you ever been obsessed with someone?
  7. Has someone ever been obsessed with you?
  8. Would you date a man who has no money?
  9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in life?
  10. What’s your dream job?

The rise of technology and human interconnectedness has given rise to a growing sense of disconnection emotionally, particularly when it comes to building relationships.

Despite these technological advances, one thing remains true. To build a strong relationship, there needs to be a meaningful connection.

Learn more about creating meaningful relationships in the age of technology in the below video:

15 Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her

These are a touch lighter than our deep and personal questions listed above.

  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. What did you study in college and why?
  3. What’s your favorite place to run away to?
  4. What do you do to cheer yourself up?
  5. How do you like to receive love?
  6. Who knows you best?
  7. What are you most attracted to in a guy?
  8. What subject would you like to learn more about?
  9. What makes you laugh more than anything?
  10. If you could ask me anything, what would it be?
  11. What’s your favorite type of food?
  12. Are you a morning or night person?
  13. What does it take for someone to become good friends with you?
  14. What kind of movies / TV shows do you like?
  15. Would you say you’re more introverted or extroverted?

Craving more ‘get to know her’ questions? Check this video out:

15 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Confident guys show romantic interest by flirting.

And, surprise: Girls love confidence.

Flirting also has several health benefits, including boosting your immune system, relieving stress, and reducing symptoms of loneliness.

Here are a few of our go-to questions for getting your flirt on.

  1. What do you like to do the most when you’re alone?
  2. When’s the last time you got butterflies and why?
  3. What’s your opinion on manscaping?
  4. Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
  5. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  6. What’s your favorite daydream to have?
  7. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  8. Are you a shower or bath kind of girl?
  9. Has anyone ever called you a good kisser?
  10. Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing?
  11. Have you ever skinny dipped?
  12. What’s your opinion on kissing in public?
  13. Do you prefer boxers or briefs on a guy?
  14. What are you most attracted to in a guy?
  15. What do you think would happen if we were stuck in a room for 24 hours together?

Remember guys, there’s a difference between flirting and being creepy.

Here’s a great video from Charisma On Command that explains the difference:

15 Fun Questions to Ask a Girl

How many times have you heard a girl say she wants to be with a ‘fun’ guy?

This is because everyone loves the feeling associated with being around fun people. And equally, everyone can relate to the drain of being around someone who is boring or overly negative.

Here are some awesome fun questions to show your lighter side.

  1. If you could be a guy for a day, what’s the first thing you’d do?
  2. What’s your favorite 80’s song?
  3. What’s the funniest pickup line you’ve ever had tried on you?
  4. How do clowns make you feel?
  5. Do you prefer a ripped body or a dad-bod?
  6. Who would you rather have dinner with: Tom Cruise or Nicolas Cage?
  7. If you were to make a YouTube channel, what would it be about?
  8. If you had to give up one sense, which would it be?
  9. Who in your life makes you laugh the hardest?
  10. If animals could talk, which animal would you most like to have a conversation with?
  11. Have you ever found someone attractive who you really shouldn’t?
  12. If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
  13. What’s the most regretful purchase you’ve ever made?
  14. What’s your favorite thing about being a girl?
  15. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

20 Random Questions to Ask a Girl

Nothing breaks an awkward silence better than a random question.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Would you rather have a lot of money or find true love?
  2. What’s your favorite day of the week?
  3. What’s a better name for a dog, Milo or Emily?
  4. What’s the most you’ve ever had to drink in a single night?
  5. Would you rather be trapped in a dark small box or at a Justin Bieber concert with no doors or windows?
  6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  7. What’s your favorite animal and why?
  8. Cats, dogs, or llamas?
  9. What do you think of girls proposing to guys?
  10. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
  11. What’s your least favorite food?
  12. What’s the last lie you told?
  13. Are you strangely sentimental about any objects you own?2
  14. Have you ever dropped money, noticed, and just kept on walking?
  15. What’s the first thing you do when you get hold of a rubber band?
  16. Do you have a “phone voice”?
  17. Are you a snorer?
  18. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
  19. What do you find yourself hoarding?
  20. Which children’s show did you watch way past an “appropriate” age?

10 Open-Ended Questions to Ask a Girl

Open-ended questions are your go-to for igniting deep conversation and moving away from small talk.

They’re great for getting a girl talking and comfortable with you and deep-diving into her life.

Open-ended questions demand more than just a “yes” or “no” response from her so you’ll almost always get a great answer that can open the door to a whole new conversation window.

  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. How did you like growing up?
  3. What’s your family like?
  4. What did you study in college and why?
  5. What’s your favorite type of food and why?
  6. Where are some of your favorite places to be?
  7. What’s your greatest passion in life?
  8. What’s your life plan for the near future?
  9. Do you believe in destiny?
  10. Are you satisfied with your current job?

10 This or That Questions to Ask a Girl

This or that questions are perfect for both silly and deep conversations.

You can use them to find out more about what a girl likes while injecting some harmless fun into the convo.

Whether you’re framing these questions to be funny or not, they’ll almost always land in a positive way.

  1. Would you rather have a snake or a tarantula as a pet?
  2. Would you rather drink a gallon of mustard or a gallon of ketchup?
  3. Would you rather have a really bad short term or long term memory?
  4. Would you rather be rich and depressed or happy and poor?
  5. Would you rather go to a park or go to a club?
  6. Would you rather read a book or listen to a podcast?
  7. Would you rather handwrite your texts for the rest of your life or not be able to text for a year?
  8. If you were given $5000, would you save it or go on a shopping spree?

10 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Laughter is the closest distance between two people. Victor Borge

  1. What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow as a guy?
  2. Have you ever been on a blind date that was successful?
  3. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
  4. Tell me about the last time you really laughed, I mean belly-aching, fall-on-the-floor-laughed?
  5. What was the weirdest punishment your parents gave you when you were growing up?
  6. What makes you feel the most awkward?
  7. Where are you most ticklish?
  8. If dolphins are so much like humans, do you think they get thirsty?
  9. What’s something you’re really bad at?
  10. Have you ever been walked in on naked?

Don’t consider yourself to be a “funny” guy?

Check out this video where Stephan Erdman breaks down how to develop a great sense of humor and make women laugh in 3 simple steps:


10 Silly Questions to Ask a Girl

Silly questions are perfect for breaking tension or awkward silences.

They communicate to her that you can have fun without taking life too seriously.

Use them to make her laugh, tease her, and get to know her further. Ease and delight is king, so always remember to have fun out there. She’ll appreciate your ability to keep the mood fun and enjoyable.

  1. What’s the most outrageous outfit you’ve ever worn?
  2. Could you eat tacos every day for the rest of your life?
  3. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do first?
  4. Have you ever tripped and fell in public?
  5. How would you feel about dating a dumb, hot guy?
  6. What’s the hottest, steamiest pepper you’ve ever eaten?
  7. Would your friends or family say that you’re a troublemaker? 
  8. What’s your spirit animal?
  9. What’s your most irrational fear?
  10. What personality trait gets you in the most trouble?

10 Weird Questions to Ask a Girl

Weird questions are just that, weird!

Use them to show her you can both let down your guard, have fun, and explore new territory with some off-the-wall thinking. And who knows, her answers might surprise you.

Just remember not to get creepy—aim to keep the mood lighthearted.

  1. What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you?
  2. Why do you think guys are so interested in butts and boobs?
  3. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
  4. What’s the longest you’ve ever held eye contact with someone?
  5. Do you think we’d get along stranded on a deserted island for a year?
  6. What job would you want most if you worked in a circus?
  7. If society collapsed, do you think you could survive?
  8. What’s the most amazing smell you’ve ever encountered?
  9. Could you survive if there was a zombie apocalypse?
  10. If you could be a fruit, which would you choose and why?

20 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

These questions are all about strengthening your connection with your girlfriend.

If you’re looking for new things to do with your girlfriend, check out our list of date ideas, as well as our detailed list of vacation spots for couples.

  1. What’s something you’d love to do this month?
  2. What can I do to make your life better today?
  3. What would you like our shared goals to be this year?
  4. In what ways do you feel loved by me?
  5. What are the things I do that you appreciate?
  6. What are the things I do that annoy you?
  7. What’s your favorite thing that we do together?
  8. Is there anything about you that you haven’t felt comfortable telling me?
  9. What’s the first thing that came to your mind the first time you saw me?
  10. How do you think we would fare in a long distance relationship?
  11. What’s something you’d like to do with me that we haven’t done yet?
  12. What do you do when you have the house to yourself?
  13. If I was to be reincarnated as an animal, what do you think I would be and why?
  14. If you could ask three wishes of me, what would they be?
  15. What’s the next place you’d like us to road trip to?
  16. Who out of my friends do you like the most (and why)?
  17. Who out of my friends do you like the least (and why)?
  18. What can I do to help you realize your passions sooner?
  19. What makes you smile about us?
  20. What’s the first thing that you think about when you think of me when we’re not together?

Want more? Here are 90+ more questions to ask your girlfriend.

15 Truths to Ask a Girl

Truths are similar to deep questions.

They differ in that they specifically put the girl in a position to offer up the most revealing aspects of her past.

  1. When was your last serious relationship?
  2. How long did it last?
  3. Why did you break up?
  4. Who was your first true love?
  5. What do you want to get out of your next relationship?
  6. What would you say is your quirkiest habit?
  7. What is something that not many people know about you?
  8. Have you ever had a run-in with the law?
  9. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  10. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
  11. What are you most afraid of in life?
  12. What’s something you have done that you would never tell your parents about?
  13. What’s the craziest dare you’ve ever done?
  14. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told?
  15. What’s the most un-lady-like thing you’ve ever done?

10 Cute Questions to Ask a Girl

Cute questions help you unlock your natural, boyish charm that’s so often buried in our hardened adult hearts.

If you allow a woman to see you as a curious little boy, it will help her to connect with her inner child which is a precious, unique moment to bond in.

  1. What do you love most about your life so far?
  2. What’s one thing that makes you feel like a little girl again?
  3. I get the feeling you’re trouble, is it true? (*smile playfully)
  4. What’s your favorite memory from the past?
  5. What movie made you cry the hardest?
  6. What’s one of your happiest moments in life?
  7. What makes you feel alive in this world?
  8. If you could only own three things, what would they be?
  9. Did you ever have a pet that you were really close with?
  10. What was your favorite thing about growing up?

10 Romantic Questions to Ask a Girl

What girl doesn’t love romance? Asking her romantic questions brings the conversation away from boring, platonic “just friends” energy and into more tense, seductive territory.

In other words, you have to differentiate between your upper and lower masculine energy.

Zan Perrion (one of the rare men who’s mastered women and seduction) explains this concept better than anyone else I’ve ever come across. Check this video out for an awesome tutorial on mastering your masculine energy.

Romance is an important element to incorporate into your questions to show her you’re sexually interested in her. Otherwise, she’ll think you just want to be friends (which WILL disappoint her).

  1. What’s the most attractive trait a man could possess?
  2. What’s your favorite love language? (Touch, gifts, words, etc.)
  3. If we could run away right now, where would you want to go?
  4. When was the last time someone made you blush?
  5. What makes you feel safe and protected when you’re with a man?
  6. What’s your favorite romantic memory from your past?
  7. If you were in love, would you know it? (If yes, how?)
  8. What’s one intimate secret you’ve never told anyone?
  9. What’s one romantic gesture a man could use that would excite you?
  10. How do you know when you’ve found someone special?

What Next?

Being interesting, humorous, thoughtful, and inquisitive (in healthy doses) are all super attractive qualities to women. The questions above allow you to demonstrate those qualities without being overbearing.

Whether you’re looking for love or just seeking to improve your conversations with women in general, having a selection of thought-provoking questions to draw from is an excellent advantage to have.

You don’t want to stop there, though.

Because here’s the number one thing that will help you have better conversations with women.


Like learning to drive or play the guitar, it’s all about how much time you spend on it.

The bottom line?

You need to be speaking to more women than you are right now.

You should also be very aware of the questions not to ask women.

Additionally, it’s vital that you start to practice your ability to break out of the platonic realm that society teaches us to live in. Men and women are not meant to be platonic with each other—it’s actually more natural to be sexual.

If you can’t harness the power of your seductive energy, you won’t be able to build sexual tension and you’ll never be able to move past the friend zone with women.

Check out Zan Perrion’s chat about this on The Attractive Man.

We like it because it has a variety of topics and six categories to open up new conversation avenues.

Give it a go. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you’ll both have.

Stop Being So “Nice” and Get Out of the Friend Zone

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If so, I urge you to give this book a read (or listen, the audiobook is great):

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To wrap it all up—be present, and show genuine interest in her.

Listen, and stick to open-ended questions. Remember to share your own experiences as well. You don’t want the conversation to come across like an interview.

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How do you get a girl to ask you questions?

The key is to not give away too much about who you are. 

If you start a conversation with a girl and go off listing everything about yourself, you aren’t giving her the opportunity to wonder about who you are. 

You’re killing the mystery and intrigue. And it comes off like you’re bragging about yourself.

To fix this, answer questions she asks you with as little detail as possible.

For example, say she asks you what you do for fun.

You say: “I go to the gym a lot. Actually, I’m there every day and I’m a bodybuilding competitor and do lots of competitions and take lots of supplements—it’s my passion.”

You just showed your whole hand in one sentence! What is she supposed to ask you now?

Instead, say something like this: “I work out a little.”

That’s it. Now there’s room for her to naturally wonder and ask questions like:

“No way is it just a little. You’re in great shape! How often do you work out?
“Why do you like to work out?”
“Is it a hobby or a career path?”
“Do you take supplements?”
“Do you compete in competitions?”
“Wow, that’s so cool! What made you want to start working out?”

You just squeezed six more questions out of her instead of only one. Now she’s chasing YOU and you’re not coming off like a meathead who loves his muscles (huge bonus points).

Play your cards slow and deliberately. The less you reveal, the more interesting, attractive, and impressive she’ll find you. This will naturally lead to her wanting to know more about you.

What are the best questions to ask a girl on FaceTime?

Video chatting is a bit different than an in-person hangout.

If it’s your first time meeting, keep it simple and don’t stress out.

Here are some great starter questions to kick off the conversation:

– What have you been up to today? (Easy opener to identify more conversation topics)
– What do you like to do for fun? (Use to identify some of her core interests)
– What do you find most attractive about a man? (Use to build sexual tension)
– What’s something you’re really bad at? (Use to lighten the mood and tease)
– What are you most passionate about? (Use to deep dive and connect with her)

What are the best questions to ask when getting to know a girl?

The best questions early on are those that help open avenues to more conversation topics.

In other words, ask open-ended questions like these:

– Where did you grow up?
– What did you study in college and why?
– What’s your family like?
– What are your friends like?
– What’s your greatest passion in life?